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112 - Feuerwehr (FireWear)

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DCL Fire Department

Hey, can you check if the hat has some kind of alpha transparency in the material? This one should be an opaque texture without alpha.

Other thing, this asset can work for both representations instead of just male. Let me know!


@Shibu thanks for reviewing. I’ve removed the transparency from the material. Should work now. I’ve also selected that the hat can be used for females.


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Hey @Itzamna! I forgot about one thing.

Can you replace helmet in overrides? You can hide tiara as well.


Thanks again @Shibu,
I’ve replaced the helmet and have hidden the Tiara as well.

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Hi @Shibu,
just a quick question regarding the current state. Are there still any changes required or will it be approved at sometime? Currently it’s still “Under Review” and I got no feedback? Just asking and wanna understand, as this is my first item to be published. Thanks!

Hey @Itzamna ! So sorry for the delay… i didn’t see the notification. Your collection is approved!

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