W239 - Summer 2020 Pineapple Collection

It would be unreal to complete the 2020 pineapple set! Back in January, Decentraland changed my life! I have been so motivated to learning how to design, mint my own collectibles and to create things I’ve only seen in my dreams!
Sit back & relax with some pineapple kicks
I just got back from visiting family & appreciate the consideration, i’m learning and trying to immerse myself everyday in this subject, I love to spread awareness and give things away while i’m at it! I am in the process of collecting enough Mana to purchase my first piece of land to build some amazing content!
I am submitting 6 items to the contest
Pineapple Hat
Pineapple T-Shirt
Pineapple Leggings
Pineapple Kicks
Pineapple Earrings
& of course the Pineapple mask
Will pair up with DreamZodiac & holders will each receive A Set of 7 items. Leaving 6 sets for myself to sell on the marketplace. This will bring new investors into the platform from various avenues.

can’t wait to see all the submissions!