W216 - PirateShower Mercenary

1. Description of the Collection
The “Mercenary Pirate” unisex collection is based on the lore of the Pirate Shower game taking place in an alternative universe with steampunk style.
Mercenaries are on of the four classes in this world. They work alone, they are fast and although not the most trustworthy they get the job done.

  • Tricorn hat
  • Jacket, gloves and soap supplies
  • Pants, pirate soap gun included
  • Reinforced boots
  • Googles with shaded crystals, no one can know what are you looking at
  • Triple ear piercings

2. Design Concepts

3. Team
The Pirate Shower team consist of 4 artists and me, Erik is working on the visual designs, Debora is working on the worldbuilding and the story, Carlos is working on the 3D models, Juan on the sound design and music mixing, and I (Eibriel) am working on the coding.

4. Purpose
The wearables will be sold, and they will have functionality (to be determined) in the various games of the Pirate Shower universe.


Eibriel. Nothing else needs to be said :slight_smile:
I am in



Interesting combination) It would be great to add some mechanical components (steampunk style), for example to boots, because the game involves jumping)

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Mercenary! Like the steampunk style, mixing genres. This would also be a good battle set for the zombie apocalypse.

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@Will of course! Will be nice to have interoperability for wearables between games

this ones gonna be a must have

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