W206 - Sugar Fashion Launch - Yumi 弓 collection

  1. Description of the Collection

Sugar Fashion is bringing the world of Asian Anime to Decentraland, launching the Yumi collection with an emphasis on female fashion and style!

The Yumi Collection encapsulates the avatar of a young woman who loves electronic music, parties and a full social life. is always dressed to kill in simple but swanky outfits that reflect her upbeat mood, (and harbour special powers?)

Yumi Sugar Girl is the genesis mascot of the renowned metaverse Sugar Club.

Yumi collection embodies both youth, vitality and fresh feminine traits that will appeal to an untapped segment of the Decentraland and metaverse communitIes. The collection includes 6 items (Headphones, Mask, Hair, 2 exclusive Short skirts & dancing boots).

These wearables also aim to attract a diverse demographic of users who are new to using the Decentraland platform.

As the user base of Decentraland grows so will the demand for Anime styles, making
early Sugar Girl wearables likely to become highly collectible commodities.

Owning Yumi lets you inhabit Sugar Girls unique brand style and be a part of the Sugar Club creative movement that is rapidly expanding across the metaverse.

  1. Design Concepts

Collection items:

1 Yumi Hair
2 Yumi Mask
3 Yumi Sugar Headphones

4 Yumi Sugar Party Short Skirt 1(Sugar logo / yumi branded, + Back pack!!!)

5 Yumi Floral Short Skirt ( Classy Floral design)

6 Yumi boots (perfect for dancing! )

Elements of emissive neon will be added to certain parts of the collection (Headphones, boots, Back pack, Mask).

  1. Team
    Introducing The Sugar Fashion Team

Kay – Creator and Artistic Director of Sugar Club.

A self-taught, obsessive and passionate content creator with an insatiable appetite to bring unique experiences into the metaverse.

Sugar Club is the original OG club created in the heart of Decentraland and the first venue to host exclusive parties and exhibition events since 2019.

The Club venue is a testimony to the dedication and persistence of more than two years of development and activities from this long-time supporter of Decentraland.

Sugar Club has experienced multi-dimensional growth not only as a virtual club venue but also as a social brand, curational platform and a unique content creation agency that includes 3D modelling for the metaverse, exclusive digital crypto Art NFTs and audio production.

Kay will be the Artistic Director and 3D Modeller for the Sugar Wearables Project and is bringing to life Yumi with the help of Vroid studio / Blender plugins.

For particular complex 3D modelling operations, some of the work can be outsourced (tbh).

Jess — Decentralander and metaverse traveller, participating since 2017

Jess is a blockchain enthusiast and Digital Artist who has previously held leadership and creative roles in the pre DistrictX, Festival Land and is Co-Founder of Vegas City. Jess will be onboard with the Yumi Collection as Design Consultant and Advisor.

  1. Purpose
  • The Sugar Fashion team believe in the untapped potential of bringing Anime elements into Decentraland and thereby accelerating adoption of the platform for potential users eager to Cosplay Anime with exclusive wearables.

  • Sugar Fashion brand aims to be an inclusive brand with an strong emphasis on Androgynous and Female fashion differentiating itself aesthetically from the rest and filling a gap in the market within the female anime fashion space.

  • Sugar Fashion aims to bring a cohesive branding strategy to its Decentraland Clubs, by allowing avatars to gain access to exclusive VIP content by owning Sugar wearables. Sugar fashion sales and giveaways during exclusive events can act both as a funding mechanism and brand promotion.

Sugar Wearables Goal:

  • Create wearables that will gain increased desirability and value as DCL adoption builds.
  • Introduce elements of popularized Anime fandom aesthetics which has enormous appeal to large segments of the worlds population and within virtual worlds such as VRchat and Vroid hubs, CryptoVoxels ect
  • Accelerate adoption of the DCL platform by attracting attention of the Anime aesthetic within the wearables ecosystem.
  • Strengthen social brand presence through wearables, club events and VIP access, owning wearables gives you access to exclusive content.
  • Sales and Giveaways of Sugar Wearables will act as brand promotion and funding strategy.

Social media:
Twitter @SugarClub_
Discord @sugarclub.eth#9693
email: dclandart@protonmail.com


Great work by a top quality creator in DCL! Sugar is a brand and now you can wear it.

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Thanks Will! Appreciate the support :grinning:

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very kawaii
love sugar club