W191 - Sk8 DCL Collection

1. Description of the Collection: Sk8 DCL

Sk8 DCL is the Wearables Collection for skateboarders, roller-bladers, longboarders, and scooter aficionados. The creation of this collection is inspired by the free-thinking, no rules independence of skate culture. Here are the 6 pieces in the collection you can build your skater avatar with:

  1. The Helmet: This wearable is for the Decentraland Skater who wants to keep their avatar’s head on it’s shoulders.

  2. The Shirt: This wearable is clean and simple because the Decentraland Skater is focused on landing their tricks and repping their team.

  3. The Shorts: This wearable has all the pockets the Decentraland Skater needs to keep their crypto safe while catching big air.

  4. The Shoes: This wearable keeps the Decentraland Skater from sliding off their board, all while being comfortable.

  5. The Sunglasses: This wearable keeps the sun out of the Decentraland Skater’s eyes with it’s dark lenses.

  6. The Hat: This wearable is for the Decentraland Skater who’d rather wear a hat over a helmet.

2. Design Concepts: Sk8 DCL Collection

  1. Sk8 DCL Helmet
    Category: Helmet

  2. Sk8 DCL Shirt
    Category: Upper_body

  3. Sk8 DCL Shorts
    Category: Lower_body

  4. Sk8 DCL Shoes
    Category: Feet

  5. Sk8 DCL Sunglasses
    Category: Eye_Wear

  6. Sk8 DCL Hat
    Category: Hat

3. Team: Sk8 DCL

The Sk8 DCL Collection will be created by the team at WRBLS. WRBLS has experienced builders who have worked at VR startups and major companies like Magic Leap. Message us to learn more.

4. Purpose: Sk8 DCL Collection

The Sk8 DCL Collection will be part of DCL Skate Park (opening soon!). We will sell these wearables at the skate shop in the park, the Decentraland Marketplace and the WRBLS app (coming soon!). Skaters can also win these wearables in DCL Skate Park through completing challenges or winning events.

Thank you for your consideration! VOTE Sk8 DCL!

  • The WRBLS Team
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