W187 - KBO Metaverse: DCL Street & Metawalks Proposal

1. Description of Collection

DCL Street

DCL Street is a unisex streetwear brand for metaverse citizens. The range includes a variety of colour variations to suit a diversity of tastes and moods. The design allows users to feel comfortable and relaxed but look good at the same time.


The proposal also introduces Metawalks. A unisex footware wearable. Available in a range of colours to delight and brighten your day. In the metaverse you can walk forever. You’re going to need virtual footwear you can count on!

*Full collection includes:

  • Hat: Fitted cap (not shown)
  • Mask: Alien facemask (not shown)
  • Earring: KBO earrings (not shown)
  • Upper-body: Hooded bomber jacket
  • Lower-body: Cargo pants
  • Feet: Casual action sports shoes (skateboarding)

2. Team

KBO Metaverse designs digital collectibles for the metaverse. KBO has been an invested member of the DCL community since early 2019 and is a strong believer in the platform and promoting the adoption of decentralized VR worlds.

KBO Metaverse has expertise across diversified areas of design development and production. If selected KBO will work in collaboration with the DCL wearable mentors and where possible source input from the DCL community in order to bring the project to life.

KBO Metaverse is an established artist brand on the NFT scene with a focus on 3D, VR, AI art and design. KBO is active in online art and design communities across several platforms and virtual worlds. Please feel free to head over to KBO Metaverse to check out some past work and links.

3. Design Concepts

*The final collection is still to be decided in consultation with the DCL team and mentors as well as community feedback. Design concepts and colours are artistic impressions and are indicative only.

4. Purpose

The plan is to release the DCL Street and Metawalks range on the DCL wearables marketplace. A percentage of NFT wearables will be reserved to be distributed in collaboration with DCL stakeholders as airdrops, prizes and rewards for the community. KBO Meteverse is also in the development stages of a DCL in game experience. The wearable range will be leveraged by the project for promotional purposes.

KBO Metaverse is very pleased to make this proposal to the DCL community. Please feel free to reach out with any comments or questions. KBO is most active on Cent or Twitter @KuiperBeltObj

Thank you for your consideration.

KBO Metaverse.


would like to see female proposal

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The collection is designed to be unisex. But I understand the representation in the proposal has a masculine appearance. I will correct this in future proposals and designs. Thanks very much for your feedback😁