W178 - Blue-Jay Collection (Wearable Proposal)

1. Description of the Collection

Collection name: Blue-Jay

The idea represents the Blue Jay bird which lives in USA and some parts of Canada, it’s a very aggressive, defensive and loud birds, but at the same time, it’s beautiful and highly intelligent.

They are loving mates and devoted parents, therefore, because of this personality, I see it as a very feminine bird, and I represented it as a female outfit collection and not a male one.

2. Design Concepts

3. Team

*I am an architect with a bachelor degree in architecture, I have more than 12 years of experience in architecture, interior design and 3D Visualization. I worked with some players to develop their lands and built many Metas on Decentraland.

*I made many designs on Metazone.io under my name (Rizk), besides of that, I designed a big city on District X with all animations contained in it (balloon, Train, and Lamborghini with the unique Tower) you can check on (-76,58).

*I’ve finished the biggest amusement park on Decentraland with the biggest Roller Coaster & wheel and sky tram which I am participating with it on Game Jam.

You can check my twitter to see some of my work on Decentraland: https://twitter.com/Rizkgh

4. Purpose

If it’s completely my choice to distribute the collection, I will divide it to three thirds as follows:

  • First Third will be given as airdrops to all who liked and supported my collection.

  • Second Third will be given as rewards to increase & attract new players to Decentraland.

  • Third and last one of the collection I will be selling it.


I live in Blue Jays way. :grinning:

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U very lucky… If that suit come true I will give one


I have seen your talent.

Whatever you design I am in 100%