W173 - WEB3 Wearables from Connie Digital

1. Description of the Collection

WEB3 Wearables from Connie Digital is a streetwear collection designed to celebrate the next generation of the Internet—an internet where we co-create prosperity. The bold WEB3 graphic is an embodiment of this message. Striking and instantly recognizable across the Metaverse, WEB3 Wearables from Connie Digital is all about representing the movement in style.

Collection includes:

  1. WEB3 Fitted Cap - Red
  2. Retro Frames Eyewear
  3. WEB3 Face Mask - Black
  4. WEB3 Varsity Jacket - Black
  5. Ripped Jeans - Red
  6. WEB3 High-Tops - Black

2. Design Concepts

  1. Hat Category: WEB3 Fitted Cap
  2. Accessories Category: Retro Frames Eyewear
  3. Accessories Category: WEB3 Face Mask
  4. Upper-body Category: WEB3 Varsity Jacket
  5. Lower-body Category: Ripped Jeans
  6. Feet Category: WEB3 High-Tops

3. Team

Concept, palette and garment choices developed by me, Connie Digital. My background includes art and design with a previous focus on menswear. Currently, I create music, NFT Art and Web3-related content in an effort to raise awareness about today’s possibilities. You can learn more on my blog at danky.art. The 3D design will be handled by Baus of Decentral Games as an external contractor.

4. Purpose

The plan is to gift the Wearables as rewards to foster community, and also to sell the Wearables through the DCL Marketplace and other marketplaces like OpenSea.