Third Party collection BNV Fashion Wearables with URN: urn:decentraland:matic:collections-thirdparty:bnv-fashion

gm, @AndreusAs

Long time no thread :sweat_smile:
Sorry for the delay.

All wearables seem to be functioning as expected.

  1. We have improved the above AVAVAV Extended Puffer wearable with hand hiding and tested emote reactions: Builder | Decentraland

  2. We have added a new item (Helmet) to our second collection The Visionaries: Builder | Decentraland

  3. For the “Teens on Acid Helmet” we have included the DCLMF32 Tag, as the original ERC1155 has a music collaborator attribute we would like to highlight, hope this is appropriate.

Both are set to “Ready to Publish” and would be grateful for their review.

Thanks again,

Ryan (Community Manager at

Hey! The collection seem to be not needing another approval. Have you pushed the changes?


Excellent, @AndreusAs

We have moved this over to our Tech Team and will push this week.

Cheers :heart_hands: