SugarClub activities 2023 (pre-proposal grant)

Look all people who bought this meta understood that Metazone is developing an ad back end , and meta owners are responsible for their own traffic. you are the ONLY one that is confused here. Its like im talking to a wall :laughing:

Besides 500 mana at time of purchase was affordable. its not like you paid 500 mana now. But since you are making allegations that i dont have integrity, that i am here to steal from you, that i am misleading everyone , i will take a break from answering you for now, and wait Friday for the official vote.

Thanks for being the tough cookie that doesnt like Sugar Club. i guess there needs to be Sugar haters too in this world :kissing_heart:

Considering I bought them in May 2021. I am pretty sure the prices were higher than they are now… Let’s not forget that

if you really want to monetize it, i can consider reopening a channel with Metazone to ask them about improving the ad system. again something i have no control about. but you also need to be proactive and go there yourself and rant. because i cant help you in this case. i only provide a refund if something is broken on the meta code. im not liable to the back end of Metazone…

In any case that’s really not relevant here for this grant. i believe i have answered enough questions from you. and i will be taking a break from answering you ( i know you like to debate on and on , but i need to focus on upcoming events this wk and next week in DCL )

Having an ads network at the club is definitely an avenue to consider in the future.

But it has nothing to do with this Metazone meta. I think you are confusing the platforms. It is not my responsibility to provide ad partners to you specifically because you bought a meta from me. That is your due diligence to inquire before buying a product. Nowhere is there a claim that i will be providing ad partners to you specifically. Just get over it lol.

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Funny how they are pointing the finger back at you. May have to get this handled before moving forward.

Hi Tudamoon,

We’ve been chatting in DMs as you’ve shared.

As I’ve explained in our chats, the platform was used as intended by SugarClub. No wrong doings were done as far as I can see.

We’ve been working with SugarClub since the earliest days of Decentraland and has been a pleasure to work with.

The whole point of the Ad platform is so that others can purchase an ad spot from you without you having to talk with the advertiser. That’s how it has worked in the past and is how it works now. If you have any other questions, feel free to DM me.


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Hi! Sounds good to me, will be great keep supporting your work on Decentraland :+1:

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Thanks appreciated @Eibriel :heart:

Greatly detailed pre-grant proposal, thank you @SugarClub for your effort. I do believe in retroactive funding of people deeply immersed in the community, and I think that running a place for 3 years shows your dedication. Bring it to vote, I will support this iconic and inspiring club :+1:

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If the project would have make you rich, would you offer some money back? Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose, that’s the point of investing :man_shrugging: :kissing_heart:

Thanks @CryptoNico appreciate it :fire: