SugarClub activities 2023 (pre-proposal grant)

Hello DCL community!

This is Kay the artist and creative director behind the project Sugar Club Metaverse in Decentraland. I am planning to request a grant tier 4 for our operations and activities at Sugar Club for 2023. This is my first big grant proposal and i want to do it right , hence i am submitting it for review for the community before putting it for vote . Feedbacks are welcomed , thank you !

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Discord @sugarclub.eth#9693
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DCL location -1,-35 ( 8 land estate )


Sugar Club is asking for your vote and support to help fund its current and future operation for 2023 on our estate of 8 lands ( located south of Genesis Plaza since 2019)

Grant size Tier 4, 60k usd budget for 12 months.

The grant is under the category Community program because our project is very much connected to the growth of the clubbing scene in Decentraland since its inception. However it also applies to the Content Creator category because I am the main architect of the project and most of the designs , branding and events are created by me.

Here is a brief summary of who we are as a project and what we stand for in Decentraland:

Sugar Club is one of the very first clubs deployed in Decentraland (since beta in 2019) that started exploring the possibilities of live entertainment, art and fashion. The club is an iconic location on the map and arguably one of the oldest active scenes deployed in game.

We strive to be a fun and exclusive brand in the metaverse while creating great content. Our area of particular interest is electronic music live shows, digital fashion, and visual art experiences while we keep our doors open for future collaborations within the web3 industry.

For more than 3 years we have believed in the vision of Decentraland being a hub for clubbing and a hub for live events and electronic music, inspiring along the way newer clubs that have popped up on the map such as Dollhouse, Parcel Party, Tru Band Room , Casa Roustan…

Our more recent collaboration include a joint party with the Metakey community, a collaboration with Conspicuis agency to design a unique DCL cyberpunk Jacket wearable for Consensys Hackathon 2022 event.

We also had a very rewarding collaboration onboarding Bufalo beginning of this year in conjunction with French Radio NRJ, and featuring Bufalo’s live set at NFT Paris and Sugar Club simultaneously.

I believe that some of our early initiatives paved the way for the vibrant club scene we see today 3 years later.

Some of our earlier achievement included

. Onboarding non crypto DJs early on, curating NFT shows in our gallery for established NFT artists though events and collaborations,

. Creating successful wearable drops for big names in the space such as Coldie and GraffitiKings, Consensys ( 100k+ engagements on Twitter).

· Launching the first exclusive female wearable collection Yumi before L2 solutions existed.

· Being the first to explore the concept of VIP gated areas in a DCL scene.

With that being said, operating a club is costly, especially accounting for the very demanding platform and sdk which require constant updating and debugging and testing. The need for more professional tools to create metaverse content is essential at this stage to be more sustainable long term. Adding to the fact that we have been operating from our own pocket since the journey began.

Last year we got a grant of 3000 usd to help with server costs however those funds are simply not enough to cover for all other aspects of running the club ecosystem.

With this grant Sugar Club will be able to operate more efficiently while making sure that the quality of our events and designs remain high and engaging as well as having some room for expansion.

(On a personal note : this grant would help me as a content creator scale and keep on delivering quality content while having a proper budget instead of burning personal resources to keep Sugar Club alive)


We are proposing funding our operating costs for Sugar club for 12 months, thereby making sure that we can continue creating quality content on a regular basis, delegate some of the content creation out such as video editing and community management for example, bring regular traffic to our events, and seek new avenues of collaborations both within the clubbing network of DCL as well as trying to onboard new electronic music producers, DJs and artists that are not currently using Decentraland.

Here is a brief summary of the operation costs followed by more info on each related costs::

(Bear in mind that most of those costs are already active and being paid from my own pocket for the last 2 years)

· Audio broadcasting (Icecast) and video streaming hosting + servers

· Software subscriptions and paid digital creation tools (Blender add-ons, Photoshop, Substance Painter, DJ software, VJ software, Zbrush for 3d creation, Marvelous designer for digital garments creation ,Sound and Video production suite : logic pro, final cut pro)

· Hardware (DJ controller / mixer for live events, Mic, secondary laptop during events separate from main desktop station, mocap suit for emote creation)

· Event creation and management (including designing posters, POAP delivery, promotion on social, hosting event, live music mixing)

· Wearable and emote production (that also includes video marketing drops, giveaways on socials.)

· Upgrading and maintaining Sugar Club models and SDK code

· Budget for paid gigs with DJs

· Online broadcasting license for small radio (covers annual fee for music licensing during live broadcasts)

· High speed Internet subscription

· Online courses for 3d content creation to further my skills and stay up to date on software development. (Those skills translate directly into creating content in DCL)

Audio and video streaming:

Sugar Club uses 2 main streaming services, one for audio broadcasting via Icecast and the other for video streaming via a dedicated server. That approach gives us more flexibility during live events, where the video stream is synced to the live mix but doesn’t broadcast the sound, in this way we can use a 3rd party VJ software to plug in our video stream while the audio stays on its own separate channel. This setup also allows me to also broadcast music playlists during nonevents.

Software subscription costs:

Making 3d content via blender is free, however professional paid tools are essential to help with workflow and quality of delivery.

One example is wearable production. The professional workflow of designing a wearable with very detailed realistic textures is as follow:

Create High Poly model > retopology to low poly model > bake high level details onto low poly > finish texturing on low poly > dcl builder testing

This workflow requires multiple paid software such as:

· Zbrush and Marvelous Designer for high resolution garments creation,

· Retopology add-ons for creating the low poly model,

· Substance Painter for texturing the garments and baking the details

These Tools are industry standards in 3d creation and are essential for digital fashion creation of high-quality garments. Not only are the results higher quality, but it is also needed to acquire contracts for bigger brands (such as Conspicuis & Consensys recently) looking for onboarding. Because high resolution models are used as concept designs for the creation process as well as for possible marketing and videos or renders.

Other essential paid add-ons for blender include Motion capture retargeting tools for emote creation, Hard surface modeling tools, UV mapping tools etc…

All those subscriptions combined become a workflow that helps content creation tremendously and are essential to operate on a professional level as a digital artist.

Consensys design showcase


We use a main desktop station for our broadcasting, DJ software, and VJ during events and a smaller laptop to tune into Decentraland during events. We also acquired a Mocap suit last year from our own pocket to create digital movements which now becomes very handy with emote creation.

We have been so far doing basic mixes on a free DJ software up until now, but we want to expand to a proper DJ station with a mixer / controller to improve the overall quality of our live mixes and DJ sets as well as invest in a decent mic and headset.

Event creation and management:

Creating quality events is time consuming, from creating the theme, designing the posters, updating the club to the relevant theme with animations and art, hosting the event, promoting on social, organizing the airdrops and giveaways on twitter.

I have tried to scale event creation weekly beginning this year, but I ended up feeling burned out and opted for a bi-monthly schedule instead. That gives me more time to plan and spend time on the designing and researching side since I am the main creator and I don’t have the luxury of working with a big team.

With a bigger budget I can start looking for a community manager that could take a load off my shoulders while I focus on what I do best.

Metaverse Electronic Music Event aka MEME

I have a plan to create and organize an inclusive Metaverse Electronic Music Event (MEME) with some popular venues in Decentraland, fostering exchange and collaboration for the clubbing scene in Decentraland.

Part of the Event creation budget would go towards leading the initiative and organizing the first event in 2023 in collaboration with other DCL popular music venues.

Artist / DJs onboarding

One of the great things about events is live music performed by DJs and performance artists. Because of lack of funding, I have been very limited in terms of offering compensation for performers at Sugar Club.

I would like to have a budget going forward that allows me to pay artists a fair price in exchange for great DJ sets. We can also extend our service to promote our artists on socials. Sugar Club is welcoming existing DJs from the DCL ecosystem to play and we have a nice network already existing, some with which we’ve had great collaborations in the past ( Bufalo , Greencross, Gucci Toe, Alien DJ , Panther Modern, Mighty33, Superflat , AmbieNFT , Mumbai Science , GraffitKings, EzzyLand , Eclectic Method , DJ Laroc, DJ LethalSkillz, Bootsy Collins etc.) .

I also want to explore and expand our network of DJs and electronic producers by leveraging some of my existing contacts internationally. I have contacts in Europe, notably France, Belgium, Austria, the UK , Mexico/ South America, as well as South Korea where I personally know an event organizer for Live indie music Korean Bands…

Additionally, this is a great opportunity to scout for talent and explore various genres from the electronic scene and try to onboard them into the metaverse.

Upgrading and maintaining Sugar Club models and SDK code

This is another part of the ecosystem that demands high maintenance. SDK iterations often creates bugs that need debugging. Also, Sugar Club models are in constant evolution as I become better at texturing and upgrading.

Last year updates have included a new video screen projection code from the SDK repository, upgrading the main stage, optimizing textures, colliders, creating a new UI system to interact with, cleaning up all the modules of the code so they are better organized for debugging, and finally overhauling the VIP gate code to include Polygon as well as Ethereum contracts (an essential part of using NFT ticket access on Polygon)

Most of those updates are done by me, even though I am not a coder, because paying game devs are very costly. This has in turn created a situation where I spend a big chunk of my time working on the SDK with occasional help from HPrivakos. It is a stressful process and time consuming.

I would love to have a proper budget for game development, not only to maintain and debug code when necessary but also to be able to hire on demand for specific features such as a gamified experience at the club (retro 2d game playable in VIP or interactive NPCs and objects as example)

Online courses for 3d content creation

Last summer I took courses related to hard surface modeling from Blender Bros online and Flipped Normals, as well as a few courses for Marvelous designer program, and Zbrush scuplting.

I plan on continuing my education online with affordable courses specifically for 3d creation , avatar and fashion , as well as basic game development.

Learning new skills gives me more confidence in my abilities and fosters further creativity which can be redirected onto Decentraland.

Annual Budget Specification


Sugar Club founder (Kay)

discord: @sugarclub.eth#9693

In charge of content creation , curation, marketing and party host & DJ.

Hprivakos : developer

discord: @HPrivakos#4268

In charge of server upgrade, code base, technical advisor. Well known coder of Decentraland projects. Active since the early DCL beta. Hprivakos has been helping SugarClub since the early days.

JessieJess : assistant- advisor

discord: @Jess |

Jess Ford is has been participating in blockchain projects since 2013 and NFTs since 2017. During the past five years she has been deep in some of the most notable NFT projects namely Decentraland, the first blockchain metaverse owned by its users and the worlds biggest and oldest NFT data resource. Meebits DAO Founder and Palm DAO Committee Member - PUNK#6079

  • Community manager to hire


  • Bi-monthly event schedule for the duration of 2023 ( or an output of 24 branded events annually )

  • Organizing 1 annual community led Electronic music festival in conjunction with other popular venues of DCL ( separate from the MVMF event called MEME )

  • Onboarding new DJs not familiar with Web3 or Decentraland , alongside continuing support for the existing DCL DJs community

  • Increase the traffic to Sugar Club and create a buzz around the electronic music and clubbing scene in Decentraland in general.

  • Monthly / quarterly report on the grant status and delivery of activities, milestones

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Feed back is welcomed for this proposal. If no major issues is adressed i will submit the proposal for a vote end of this week. Cheers, Kay

Thank you for taking the time to write this pre-proposal grant! I do have a few questions for the community as well as you. However, I am not sure this will get as much attention from the community compared to the ones that are actual grants. I do hope in the future more people take this approach and the community does take more interest in this. :slight_smile:

Questions for the Community:

  1. Where do we draw the line for education? Are we going to give grants for education? Should one know or have the experience necessary to complete the project? Is supplemental education permissible to pay for or should it be paid by the user who needs it?
  2. Where do we draw the line for hardware? Should this be the cost of the grant requestor?
  3. Should the internet bill be paid for by the grant?
  4. Do we expect any new features that come from this grant to be shared with the community?

Questions for the Grant Requestor aka @SugarClub?

  1. Can you explain the reason why you believe the event creation role that is benefiting your club is entitled to be paid by Decentraland? Personally, I know other clubs that do this all the time for free. Yes it takes work, but if you want to promote your own club, that’s what it takes.
    It says it is bi-monthly at $1,000 a month, but you are charging $12000. Does Bi-Monthly mean twice a month or every other month?
  2. Can you explain what the event manager does and how it deserves a separate cost from event creation?
  3. Can you share the current hardware that you currently own and why it is necessary to have new hardware for the completion of this project?
  4. Do you have a goal of sustainability?
  5. Would you please clarify the reason you need an audio library when you are paying for DJs? This is not an attack, just want clarification.
  6. What kind of maintenance and upgrades will you be doing each month on the 3d Models? Is there a reason you will have to consistently upgrade them? If so, would you please explain.
  7. Are you willing to dedicate a wallet for this grant so it is easier to track where the funds are going?
  8. Will you commit to sharing all invoices and receipts?
  9. How many people in total do you expect to fill all of the roles listed above? Are there any people who plan to take on multiple roles?
  10. How do you plan to bring a ROI to DCL? The ROI does not have to be monetary, but in a sense, it’s not clear how these events are worth $61,440 in value. Are you planning to bring in more users to Decentraland? If so, how much reach and how do you expect to reach that? Are you planning to add features to your club that hasn’t been seen before? Please be more clear with your reason/s, because the past events are not showing enough stickiness in my opinion to keep unique users coming back.

A stated above Sugar Club started the movement of clubbing in DCL. We have maintained close relationships with the leadersip of the decentraland team, as well as major distric leaders such as Aetheria and conference center.

Maybe you are not aware of that , thats fine, but in terms or ROI and “value”, i would say that many clubs and projects that exist today have started their journey at Sugar Club. That is true for DollHouse, Metazoo, Parcel Party, NyanCat Club, Metakey, Xeta , Metazone, DCL report, Casa Roustan and probably countless others.
And yes many of the people and projects just mentioned were in one way or an other inspired by our work. Some of them i even advised before they went on to create their own venues.

In terms of planned adoption for 2023, i think the goal here for us is to keep on driving traffic to exclusive metaverse events around electronic music and to on grow the music community . As mentioned in our plan we want to keep onboarding new DJs and artist , as well as spearlead a new eletronic music festival in partnership with some of the clubs just mentioned earlier.

Our budget reflects continuous value for the coming year 2023 for 12 months. That is longer than some of the grant i have seen proposed which focus on a 6 month time frame. I truly believe in the added value Sugar Club brings to DCL and i intend to keep on working to that goal for the foreseeable future.

I hope that answers some of your questions !

sorry for the horrible formatting im still getting used to this lol

its 1000 per month for 2 branded events. so 12000 annual budget. or in other words 2 events monthly for a budget of 500 usd each. an event takes about 4 to 5 days to create and brand before it is published in the agenda . 500 / 4 days of dev work: 125 usd per day of work to make it simple. ( of course it takes longer because theres always something to do and improve , this is not a 1 land project. )

I can sure vouch for the quality of the SugarClub work, and the tenacity of this effort.

  • Carl Fravel

Thanks Carl appreciate the support :+1:

Then may I ask, why do you show there are different positions for these roles? Why not just say I am taking on these roles and here is my price?

Never would have known this. I am a frequent user of Decentraland. Does oldest mean good? I do recall there are lots with buildings on parcels with nothing going on with them. As for sustainbility, you claim you have it, but you are asking for money. Do you understand what sustainability is?

Do you realize that there are other clubs who do the same without any cost and always have a good crowd? What kind of crowd should I be expecting from your proposal? How many uniques should I expect to see at every event of yours?

I have more questions, but I am going to hold off for now. As you stated on my proposal,

For sake of clarity. Batching everything into one role doesnt properly adress the work needed to fill those activities.

You can literally say:
“I plan to take on the following responsibilities which include…” Then detail all the work needed to fulfill them.

Instead this is confusing and all over the place. If you are doing a little of everything, there is nothing wrong with that, but just say that you are. The way you have it now is misleading in my opinion.

Have you ever visited our events? i dont think i’ve seen you. you imply that my scene has been empty or inactive all this time which is simply not true. Old and active is the key point here, besides i have taken different roles in terms of contribution during the history Decentraland. i think that is worth its own salt of sustainability.

Maybe you dont see things the same way but actually getting Sugar Club funded by the community would be a very valuable evolution and insure that an Iconic spot that is literally tied with the history of DCL remains properly funded. But it feels like im preaching to the wrong choir because you dont seem to see the point .

I am very well aware of the various Clubs that exist in DCL, including some that have a different funding structure. Some are seed funded, some are funded by a NFT collection, some are operating with zero or negative revenue. And some projects who are at this very moment funded by the DAO or in the process of being funded. I see no issue in submitting a claim to funds from the DAO for a club. I actually encourage it.

Why should a game be funded for 6 month and then stop development , but an active venue operate out of pocket? Why should a DJ be compensated but a operator be forced to pay out of pocket ?

The crowds in 2021 at our events were reaching 500 to 1000 users across servers. In 2022 i have been struggling frankly with personal issues and trying to find ways to continue operations at Sugar Club .

Lastly i understand what sustainability means. I have had tremendous support in the past in terms of revenue ( hence why i have not needed to ask for funds). BUT right now Sugar Club stands at a cross road:

Do i keep on being small project doing what i do with very limited team and resources , or do I expand and try to scale the operations and improve my game.

You could ask this question to all grantees: Why do you need those funds ? why do you need 10K for server costs , why do you need 120k for marketing, scaling ect ect. and realize that it is very challenging to remain sustainable over long periods of time in Business especially in a growing industry like the Metaverse where turnover is fast and no guarantees exists. .

If we were to deny small to medium term projects with a track record for funding we would be making a big disservice.

The Dao is here for projects like mine ( and others to use those funds and strive towards it).

i can look at some of the phrasing and edit it to make more clear. There is also a position to fill for community manager which is clearly stated in staffing.

I am one of your backers. Still never got a ROI.

That is something to do with Metazone . I create content with a functionality for advertisement. I don’t make promise about finding advertising partners. that is not what this meta is for. In fact its up to you to find advertisers on your land with this Meta, just saying…

Besides Metazone dropped the ball on their ad network. i have been asking them to make it more accessible and cheaper to use but they are busy with other things unfortunately.

So you sold this without trying to find advertising partners for the system? I thought the point was we get foot-traffic and you get have the Sugar Ads Network. How many companies did you approach for this?

Can you share all the advertisers that were on your Sugar Ads network? And name 1 of your Billboard buyers that costed 500 Mana, that actually got a ROI? If you are in the Advertising agency why haven’t you gotten ads to sustain your own Clubs?

i think you didn’t t understand the purpose of this meta. Metazone creating a ad platfrom where advertisers can book a slot of images ( with this meta ) . it is up to the land owner to deploy it and bring traffic to it and possibly find people interested in putting an ad there.

But honestly advertisement is very tough atm. there are DCL ad companies that went belly up just this year because they could find a sustainable model and on board clients.

in addition Metazone didnt make this user friendly at all , and or make the cost of ads adjustable. something that i have been asking them to do but got ignored. Dont kill the messenger , go to Metazone and start complaining about it…


So essentially you are saying I paid 500 MANA for a Video Screen that I have to find my own Advertisers for? That’s complete BS, the way it was put out there was completely misleading, similar to your proposal.

You are saying my proposal is misleading ? it’s getting better and better… i can’t wait to actually get the vote going and share it with the community at large , curious to see if this is what they think of it .

Honestly looks like you have a beef with me. not sure why .

yea that was the intention . how metazone sets it up. Made zero income from this btw. Metazone needs to improve the ad pricing. something i asked them to do. so that you coud set up your price point.

for example setting 1 day 5 mana for an image. something i have zero control over, because that is the back end of Metazone not me .