Is there favoritism here?

Why am I waiting? It’s been 11 days. Why am I waiting? Some NFTs I follow in the forum are approved in 2-3 days, some in 15 hours. But I am waiting 11 days. They don’t tell me why I’m waiting. Why? Is there favoritism here?

This is my NFT. It’s been 11 days. No one is doing anything. But other NFTS can be listed in 2 days. Is the trick here?

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is not favoritism bro, but what i have noticed is that you need to respond the committee comments, i know is frustrating, but we should understand that there are very few moderators, when there are alot of wearables submissions, but try that, not at spam level but what i did was, the same day, I responden the comment in the morning and if i got no response i did annother response at night.
Another thing i experienced is that if it is friday you will not get response until monday

Nothing to add on the @Oltecs comment. Be patient and check the forum