How Duel Arena Invites 1,000 New Players to Decentraland: A Collaborative Effort with Astro Must

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Greetings everyone, we’re excited to share our second forum topic about our project, which focuses on bringing a new audience to Decentraland through our collaboration with Astro Must. Astro Must is a web3 project that boasts a community of over 2,700 members and is primarily focused on the spatioal game genre.

So how exactly does Duel Arena plan to bring these 2,700 community members to Decentraland?

We’ve partnered with Astro Must to run giveaways and merge our communities. By doing so, we hope to onboard as many people as possible to both games. In addition, we’ve created a Twitter community group with over 50 other game creators to expand our reach even further.

What benefits does this collaboration bring to Decentraland?

Our collaboration with Astro Must will result in the creation of the first crossover wearable that works both in Duel Arena and Astro Must. Duel Arena will design the 3D wearable and cover the associated fees, while Astro Must will publish it generating revenue to their benefit. The wearable will have utility in Duel Arena and will be marketed to Astro Must’s community, thereby incentivizing them to onboard on Decentraland as well. By doing so, both communities can enjoy the benefits of the collaboration and strengthen their bonds.

In conclusion, we’re excited about the potential of this partnership with Astro Must to onboard 1,000 new players to Decentraland. By working together, we can bring new experiences and opportunities to our communities, while expanding the reach of Decentraland.

I would want like to introduce you to their statistics:

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Feel free to dm me for invites:

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Booked a meeting with AstroMust on15 march with @didiimakiii, Mrconsole, @Buraggan , @DR3NK0 , Their Dev team & me!