[DAO:vyvcmca] Building San Fransisco City Hall for weddings in Decentraland

by 0x06c5a46025d3dcee9f244172ad17b97339a9f321 (Maff#f321)

Should the following Tier 2: up to $3,000 USD in MANA, one-time payment grant in the Community category be approved?


The institution of marriage was created in 2350 B.C. However, there are still a lot of restrictions on marrying a person you love, if your couple doesn’t suit the traditional scope. We believe that the metaverse can help discriminated couples register their marriage on the blockchain.
Maff Metaverse creates San Fransisco City Hall where people of any nationality, gender, orientation, age, and religion can have a wedding. At the end of the ceremony, a newlywed couple will receive an NFT certificate of marriage.
We aim to take the experience of marrying in the metaverse to a new level. Maff Metaverse has already held a wedding ceremony at the beach location that was created for the event.

Grant size

3,000 USD

Beneficiary address


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Holding weddings in the metaverse can be a great addition to traditional ceremonies. They are not limited in the number of guests and can be visited from anywhere in the world.
Coronavirus restrictions have forced people to look for a way out of the ban on events around the world. Many couples have realized that digital weddings can be a real alternative to traditional ceremonies.
In order to integrate weddings into the Decentraland community, the City Hall location will provide an opportunity to get married in the metaverse for everyone despite gender, age, religion, orientation, or nationality.
The virtual space becomes not just a wedding ceremony decoration, but also a platform for entertainment. Guests can not only watch the wedding from the outside but also participate in various quests.
To celebrate a traditional wedding, all the necessary locations must be booked in advance. Due to high demand, people are on waiting lists for locations for months. And a virtual wedding can be arranged in no time due to the special mechanics that will be installed at the San Fransisco City Hall location.


San Fransisco City Hall will not be just a beautiful wedding place. Guests and a newlywed couple will be integrated into the process.
The main object of the location is the building in romantic colors: pink and white. Entering the main entrance, users will see the altar, NPC-priest, and the guests’ area. On the right side, the screen, the dancing platform, and the DJ controller will be installed. On the left side, the users will find the photo zone, the buffet, and the gift zone. The second floor is filled with the technical rooms of the wedding palace.
We want to make the process of marriage as interesting as possible. One of the key roles in the wedding is dedicated to the NPC priest. All the lines of the dialogue will be translated to the special screen, so the guests will be able to see the dialogue. The gameplay will be addictive - the newlywed couple should find the hidden heart logos and bring them to the NPC priest to get to the second part of the ceremony. While collecting the coins, a big red heart will fill up with colors. When all logos are collected, the couple will be able to exchange the rings and finally receive an NFT certificate of digital marriage. The NFT will be generated automatically and will include the avatars’ photos, their names, and the date of the wedding ceremony. The NFT will also be seen to all the guests in the form of a pop-up banner.
At the end of the ceremony, the avatars will be able to fire a salute from the cannons installed outside of the building.


Maff Metaverse has 2,5 years of working experience with the metaverses. We are building a strong community interested in digital reality whose aim is to popularize and develop metaverses. Our team consists of creators - both designers and developers - that we attract through online hackathons that we host. More than 60 creators participated in our first hackathon that was dedicated to building in Decentraland. Subsequently, the Maff Metaverse art park was created. It consists of the best 9 objects that were developed during the hackathon by our creators. What’s more, public areas like a flying space platform and stage were added to create the atmosphere of a festival.

As developers, we constantly improve our skills, always exploring the abilities of metaverses and implementing ideas that no one has ever done before. For example, on New year’s eve, we tested the phygital approach - connecting lights on the real Christmas tree with the one located in Decentraland. Our creators’ community attended the event in the metaverse and could change the color of the real physical tree by changing the lights in Decentraland.
Maff Metaverse also has an experience in game development. We created a turtle parkour quest. Those who made it to the last turtle received an NFT gift.
We also conducted a few projects: a party on a yacht, a showroom for a clothes brand, and a wedding. You can find more information on our website: Building Brand Experiences in the Metaverses | Maff Metaverse

Roadmap and milestones

This project will take 2-3 months to develop and can be divided into three sections:
Section 1.
Concept and design development.
Section 2.
Developers’ part.
Section 3.
Improvements, deploying the object.

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Bro do you already own the land and are just looking for a couple bucks to develope?

I’d like to start off by saying I absolutely love what you’re going for here, and love the idea of bringing more marriages to DCL. The IRL wedding industry has gotten out of control as we know, and this is a great opportunity to bring accessible, affordable, and enjoyable weddings to dcl for all couples to participate in without scrutiny or months/years of waitlists. I really appreciate you bringing the issue to light and trying to do something about it, and the pictures on your site of previous events show you’ve hosted lovely times thus far.

However, after looking through your websites I do have a few things I am still curious about if you don’t mind providing more details. I’m wondering if you could provide insight as to what the grant money will be applied to, whether its personnel, land rental, etc. It appears on your site you have a beautiful build resembling the San Francisco City Hall (sincere apologies if that’s not the case), as well as wearables and package plans, so I’m curious if you are planning to stick to those or start fresh for this project? Or is the concent and design development time mentioned in your roadmap set aside to expand upon those elements you already have?

Overall, I’m in support of this project. I would just personally like to know more specifics if possible. Thanks for your time.

Hey, are there more detailed project presentation ?

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Will this be hosted in world for anyone to use when they please? Will you charge money to use it? Will the scene code and assets be publicly available for anyone wanting to deploy the scene to their land?

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Hi! We have a piece of land in Decentraland and have already started making the hall. You can check it out here: Decentraland

We need some funds to finish the programming part

Hi! We don’t have any, but definitely will do, for now, you can check the city hall Decentraland That is something we have already done. We need to finish the programming part to issue NFT’s and to fix the bugs

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Everyone will be able to visit the city hall and get married for free and get his/her marriage NFT certificate in real-time. Check what we have already done Decentraland

thank you for the clarification on this point as well as the land. changing my vote from no to yes. this sounds pretty cool and I do like the quest based nature of the ceremony as well as the certificate issuance

Hi, Murray, thanks for your detailed comment!
Actually, we have been working on this location for a few months already Decentraland

We just need to fix some bugs and make the mechanism of NFT certificate. It will be open to the public with no fee and if someone would like to have a completely tailor-made event with full customization we could make it

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@SinfulMeatStick this what you and youmac did lol?

Building San Fransisco City Hall for weddings in Decentraland

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

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