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The Inn

Should the scene located at 137,-2 be added to the Point of Interest list?



A 2x2 club with live shows EVERY tues & thurs (now 25+ weeks in a row). Each week, we also airdrop a newly commissioned music NFT to everyone who attended an event. New 3d model Inn each month.

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The Inn

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I’m Grins, the janitor of the Inn. Together with a few others and artists, we run innkeeper.eth: a metaverse club hosting live shows every Tuesday and Thursday with about ~200-300 unique attendees each week.

In addition to the live performances, we also commission and airdrop a brand new music NFT each week to everyone who attends our events. Called Melodies, each contains an unlockable download to the full song (not available anywhere else) and gives the holder rights to use the melody in their own creations. The only way to get these music NFTs is to attend one of our weekly events or buy from someone who did. Each Melody has a custom 3d model designed by inhouse artists and new (never been release before) custom music by artists on the label of each melody!

We’ve been hosting shows every Tuesday and Thursday for the past 25+ weeks and working on new integrations to use your melodies and participate in the show. Our goal was to introduce artists and new participants to the metaverse with shows open to anyone and music that anyone can collect (but can only get by attending!).

Artists that have played at the Inn

Tigre Contre Tigre
Vector Meldrew
Grace Weber (Grammy Award Winning R&B)
Cathe Florez
Bastiaan Stoop
pipaluk .io
King Boa
PG Ciarletta
Neenyo Elefonte
Nero Da Zero

Not only have I performed here MULTIPLE times, I have attended so many events here! This place has evolved into such an incredible build! They have music nfts that get airdropped to attendees, a crazy cool VIP section, ill be here forever and ever !

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Yep, It is true that this place has turned into a fascinating build. I am eager to attend upcoming events.

The Inn is great, lets see it on the map

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A real gem of a venue within DCL. I love putting on events here - a great community, great vision and run by great people.

Add the location 137,-2 to the Points of Interest

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Add the location 137,-2 to the Points of Interest

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