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Ledger Academy Hub is a Metaverse Educational Resource. Consisting of 10 Learning Stations / 15 Current Event marquees. The Hub hosts daily webinars and labs to help learners navigate Decentraland, cryptocurrencies, wallets, Nft security, and much more. The current stations are:

  1. BC Employ - Matching Jobs with Qualified Employers
  2. Climate Action - Blockchain and the Carbon Credit Exchange Markets
  3. Food Supply Chains - Agriculture and Blockchain
  4. Social Impact and Blockchain, The Giving Chain Example.
  5. Hyperledger
  6. ConsenSys
  7. BC Princeton Meetups Community Engagement, Zoom /Metaverse
  8. Onboarding With Crypto
  9. NFT’s Creating, Collecting, and Securing (HashLips )
  10. The Metaverse: Decentraland, Sandbox, and Private

Grant size

120,000 USD

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Ledger Academy Hub is a blockchain educational adventure maintained in a private metaverse, by transferring the Ledger Academy to the Decentraland Metaverse we can bring our PROVEN educational model to a larger audience. The Hub has different levels of Information broken out into sections.
• First, Current Events, we maintain marquees with announcements of current events which range from webinars, podcasts and interviews, and all other happenings during the month. These marquees, proven effective at community building, are curated by community managers and are used to direct learners to the area of interest.
• Second, Learning Stations, currently we maintain 10 Learning Stations that have in-depth information on a specific area of interest. Here are the current 10 Stations:

  1. BC Employ
    Matching Jobs with Qualified Employers, Ledger Academy runs the seasonal 4 part series on Blockchain employment. Companies like Accenture, Hyperledger, ConsenSys, and DTCC are past participants This station will also direct you to resources like web site www.bcemploy.com which has the previous session recordings job description for new positions, and information on our next session.

  2. Climate Action
    The Climate Action station offers resources in the fight against climate change and the new Carbon Exchange Markets. Resources about legislation, active working groups, webinars, and developing standards care curated for this station.

  3. Food Supply Chains
    Agriculture and Blockchain, this learning station discusses the blockchain effort with food supply chains. Resources consist of webinars from the IBM food trust and working group discussions for supporting farmers.

  4. Social Impact and Blockchain
    This station is dedicated to blockchain projects for social impact, with resources to help get support for the socially relevant project. It also analysis The Giving Chain Example.

  5. Hyperledger
    This station covers Hyperledger Open-Source Blockchains tools available for developers and the Special interest groups using them.

  6. ConsenSys
    This station covers the projects ConsenSys offers to support developers with resources to get educated on ways to leverage them.

  7. BC Princeton Meetups
    BC Princeton is a 2200 + member community actively engaged in discussing all blockchain topics, currently, weekly events are Zoom based.

  8. Onboarding with Crypto
    This Learning station is dedicated to bringing new folk on board. With recorded webinar resources starting with what is a wallet to advanced wallet management and security.

  9. NFT’s
    This learning station has curated resources covering non-fungible tokens. Creating, collecting, and Securing NFT with current curriculum from (HashLips and others).

  10. The Metaverse
    This station is covering the changing dynamics of the Metaverse. An in-depth analysis of Decentraland, The SandBox, and Agora metaverses are discussed. Also developing a manifesto for metaverse terminology, governance, and best practices.
    Future station: Blockchain Entrepreneurial Challenge.

• Third - The final section is the Lab. The lab is where meetups, webinars, podcasts, classes, hackathons are held. All are welcome for free-flowing idea space where curated projects are encouraged. This space is dedicated to community building.


The project metaverse exists in a private metaverse where Ledger Academy has curated and maintained the space.

Grant breakdown :
45% Initial set up of the Ledger Academy Learning Hub
55% 1-year maintenance.

Current Model
, (Agora)

Instructions on “How to Join” can be found at the bottom of this page
Getting Started with Agora World (Welcome to Agora World - Getting Started).

Will supply all library resources and curriculum upon request.


Ledger Academy Team
Director of Ledger Academy
Barbara (Bobbi) Muscara is the founder of Ledger Academy, a Metaverse Learning Hub, and A member of the Hyperledger Technical Steering Committee. Bobbi is also the Chair of the Hyperledger Learning Materials and Development Working Group, where she hosts weekly thought-provoking discussions on the latest events in the blockchain. Ledger Academy is a Metaverse Blockchain Education environment that welcomes learners 24 x 7 and encourages the discovery of valuable educational videos and resources. Ledger Academy sponsors (3) Blockchain Meetup Groups with a combined membership of over 2000 members, this includes the Hyperledger Princeton Meetup, Princeton Blockchain, and AI and Ledger Academy. Bobbi also sponsors startups in the blockchain space and recently mentored the successful GIVING CHAIN project, a Social Impact Blockchain platform. A few of the most noteworthy include BCEMPLOY, The Giving Chain, Ledger Consulting, Ledger NFT, MetaGoodTimes, and GoNFTYou.

bobbi28 - Overview
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bobbijn/

Roadmap and milestones

30 days till Grand opening ( a community event)
1-year maintenance.

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