[DAO: Qme9RqL] Decentraland Connect-A-Life (D-CAL)

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Should the following Tier 6: up to $240,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Community category be approved?


Connect-A-Life is Decentraland’s first Orphanage! Leader in the Metaworld.

Connect-A-Life will give equal opportunity in feeling a part of Decentraland as a true Citizen. Not everyone can afford to buy a home will you help Connect-A-Life?

To fund the purchase a Home with multiple land equipped for those who are new, roaming or unable to afford to buy a life in Decentraland, but desperately want to be a part of this wonderful new world. Connect-A-Life will provide just that a resting place where they can decorate as their own making purchases from the market and engage within the community. A home they can invite and encourage their friends to come online and see what the Leader in the Metaworld has to offer.

Grant size

240,000 USD

Beneficiary address



Benefits to Decentraland –
This is a pioneering idea and will get you thinking and challenge the brains and power of the great- *Connect-A-Life as a virtual non-for profit identity or charity for 100% tax purposes. Not just your average Orphanage but up scaled to host events and lure the rich and famous for charity events or shows concerts.
Opportunity to increase the number of users and visitors.
Increase duration of users being online and within the community.
Opportunity to task users with targeted locations for marketing or just crowd development.
Increase popularity and exposure of Decentraland to new users via real friend experiences.
Great publicity for Decentraland supporting those in need or less fortunate.
Increase Market purchases and increase sponsorship user visitation.
Repeat Users, advocates of Decentraland.
Decentraland Job Oppotunities.

Problems solved –
Not feeling lost and roaming aimlessly.
Feeling disengaged not having purpose or belonging.
Loss of interest due to no ”buy in” no real reason to upgrade avatar or return.
A reason for repeat users and new users to come back to Decentraland.
A sense of belonging, proud to be engage and show off there new home.
This wonderful land is not just for those enriched able to afford land and house anyone with internet connection can now be apart of this world too.
This wonderful land is not just for those enriched able to afford land and house, but is a caring and inviting community of friends and interaction! Those new, or roaming in Decentraland due to having no home, will have a ‘Home’ and ‘Land’ of their own :slight_smile: Connect-A-Life Orphanage will help those remain online in the wonderful community of Decentraland, keeping engaged and tasked to explore ‘voted/targeted’ by the community or officials parts of Decentraland, returning with specific information in a way to immerse them and rise from Orphanage to a Citizen. This in terms will be there way of repaying back to Decentraland community and Connect-A-Life. Once a pre determined time or amount of logins and tasks completed they can have a chose of three ways

  1. Obtaining a plaque(could also be physical in real life something to see as a reminder of way to return to Decentraland) as Decentraland citizenship and can continue freely now with all the new knowledge of their new home and environment
  2. Obtaining a plaque(could also be physical in real life something to see as a reminder of way to return to Decentraland) as Decentraland citizenship and continue as a Citizen or team member of Connect-A-Life with increased benefits in the form of two possibilities
    2a. Receive gift of land or house to run as Connect-A-Life surrogate and continue the life cycle of Connect-A-Life, Or
    2b. Receive increased benefits within the Connect-A-Life profile by way of leadership or larger room with own on suite furnitre via way of a market voucher to increase purchses and activity in the market.
  3. Growth opportunity* allow for adoption by way of Market purchase license for wealthier members enabling an orphan to enjoy a greater life in the Metaworld.

Will you help Connect-A-Life?
*a way to connect the Decentraland community together!
** a way to connect a real life with a metalife!


Will be delivered in stages
Develop a Team Employment opportunity
Design and Build
Market and Engage with community
Communicate with Decentraland Officials
Sponsors/sponsorship for user tasks and information gathering(proof of attendance)
Host and develop Connect-A-Life
Aim towards a non-for profit and advocate for charity - tax 0%
Draw celebrities for celebrity events show and upscale clientele
Adopt via Decentraland Market


R&D Tech
Hosting and Communications

Roadmap and milestones

weekly and monthly notifications at beginning and could increase once delivered to hourly daily interactions or other determined time frames, as this a community engagement.

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Decentraland Connect-A-Life (D-CAL)

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

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