[DAO: QmckLfT] 4 Worlds Magazine (Ethereum Essential)

by 0x187338cff37428614ecab066c231cafaae1edb10

Should the following Tier 2: a one-time payment of $1500 - $3000 USD in MANA grant in the Content Creator category be approved?


Plan is to improve form and format of the magazine and bring it to the website and special special editions offer as NFT. By writing on daily basics it will allow to improve communication skills AND provide base of concept (uploading of consciousness)

Grant size

1,500 USD

Beneficiary address



The goal of this magazine is to bring companies and individuals on the board in order to educate, connect, create and generate profit in various forms. This solves and help to make transition to the Blockchain therefore as a whole system of options is not limited only to the Art galleries etc.


By getting paid tier 2 daily for articles it will allow to expand options meaning print out physical magazine by the end of the month, placing those articles on website with another level of improvement and more.
Check out my constantly improving work here


Ebook from which you will get quite a lot of things

Roadmap and milestones

To be real to goal is to bring at least $60k / year revenue from B2B side which will have a place in magazine within “monthly” basics.
The other goal is to print out Physical form of the magazine in order to get a taste of customer experience that means by 7th August 21

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