[DAO: QmaC5s6] DCL Bounty Hunter: Combat based P2E Multi-Player game

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Should the following Tier 2: up to $3,000 USD in MANA, one-time payment grant in the Gaming category be approved?


Inspired by Bounty Hunter Mini-game from Runescape: Bounty Hunter - The RuneScape Wiki

DCL Bounty Hunter will be a many vs one p2p combat based mini-game. Players will compete to kill each other using combat skills (Magic Spells in v1) and get bounty for each player they kill. Players can team up and betray each other as they wish. There will be a higher incentive to attack the player who has already killed other players as half of the bounty of dead players gets added to the bounty of the player who killed them.

Here is a quick overview of the game:

Grant size

3,000 USD

Beneficiary address



Entering the game:
Players enter a waiting area where they can register for the next round. If there is no game ongoing and if there are >= 2 players registered, the match will start in combat area.

Players need to pay an entry fee while registering. 5% of this goes to the developers and the remaining is added as a bounty for the player i.e, if the entry fee is 1 Mana, the bounty on each player will be 0.95 Mana.

Skills & XP:
In the first version, the players will have 2 skills: Health and Magic. Both the skills will have a maximum level of 99. Players earn xp as they play the game (Magic xp for using magic spells and Health xp for healing). Health will determine the maximum healthpoints a player can have while Magic will determine the damage the player can deal to other players (and potentially unlock new spells).

Combat will be many vs one. On killing another player (Last damage) , you receive half of their bounty while the other half gets added to your bounty. Last player gets the remaining bounty.
Magic Spells will be used to attack other players in the game. The spellbook will consider of many different spells with each having different attributes (maximum damage, accuracy,
speed/reload time, minimum skill needed to use, special attributes).
Apart from the spellbook, each player will also get a fixed quantity food which they can use to heal during the game.

Drops and Rewards:
Apart from the bounty earned by killing players during the game, players will also receive Reward chests. Opening these chests will give them NFT items that can be consumed during the game for an advantage (example: portions to boost your damage by 5% for next 3 attacks)


Python server hosted on a google cloud VM will handle all the game logics.

Player details and game state will be stored on firebase for the time being.

All NFT drops and items will be handled using smart contracts on polygon chain.

Most of the game logics have been explained in the description.

Feel free to hit me up with any follow-up questions


Ryan Pal: https://www.linkedin.com/in/palryan/

Prakhar Singhal: https://www.linkedin.com/in/prakharsinghal/

Mayank Agarwal: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mayank-agrawal-iitk/

We are a team of graduates from IIT Kanpur. We have been working on entrepreneurial endeavours for the last 1.5 years. Here is a link to the website of our recent startup (shut down now): https://www.blissu.in.

Bonus credential: I (Ryan) ran a runescape private server (called deathlysouls) with good success back in 2011-2013.

Some online remains i could find of it:

Roadmap and milestones

Current estimate to have a decent version of the game is 4 weeks.

  • Research and finalize basic logics of the game: Done

  • Game Entry and reward Logic: 1 week from approval of grant

  • Spellbook, Inventory and Skills UI: 2 Weeks from approval of grant

  • Combat MVP: 3 Weeks from approval of grant

  • Bug fixes and tweaks based on community reaction: 4 Weeks from approval of grant.

Future plans:

  • Arena obstacles and scene aesthetics

  • Animations and projectiles for Magic Spells

  • Introduce other combat classes (Range and Melee)

  • Ability to watch a bounty hunter match without participating

  • Expansion of spells and items

  • Games with different entry fees (1 Mana per player will be the starting amount, and there can be special matches with lets say 50 Mana as entry fee).

  • Decentraland Wearables as rare drops

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  1. Update: started working in the game already. Have made a projectile shooting mechanism (imagine a fireball instead of the cube :D):

will really appreciate more criticism, questions or support.

  1. work in progress: Hp bar on top of each player to show for every player (websocket is setup)

Please ask your high friends to vote as well if wanna see this project come to life. cheers!

Update: Websocket server has been setup and managed to synchronize hpbars to show on all players:

Update - 12/06

  1. Magic Combat MVP ready
  2. Replaced player avatar with a custom model to avoid lag in player movement
  3. added logic for hit (area damage) + hitsplash
  4. Deployed the webserver
  5. Deployed the preview scene: https://export-palryan.vercel.app/

Updates Pipeline for next week(s):

  1. Refine avatar movement
  2. Refine Avatar animations + add more animations
  3. Create a UI with instructions + basic spellbook
  4. Save player data on logout and show score
  5. waiting area
  6. game entry

update - 12/15

  1. Refined avatar movement
  2. Added Avatar animations: walk, attack, death, jump
  3. Create a UI with instructions → work has started on this. needs some beautification
  4. 3x2 land has been rented [still awaiting the grant money, sigh] and now preparing the game for a deploy-ready version


  1. Game entry logic
  2. Refined UI
  3. Create NPC area with a drop reward logic
  4. connect player data to a database

DCL Bounty Hunter: Combat based P2E Multi-Player game

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