[DAO: Qma7ViS] LAND and WEARABLE mortages

by 0xc4bf065539c8f303ccfbc276aaba1270329cdab6 (Atilla#dab6)

With lower APY;
We can make easily to accsess mortages.
There are two modes;

First colletral mode: debtor will give colletral. when debtor gives colletral he can do whatever he wants with LAND/wearables. The colletral limit can change due to how many years you want to pay (because of the price increase of LAND/wearables.) . If he doesn’t pay the mortage we will liquidate the colletral and we put the wallet to blacklist.

Second non-colletral mode: There is no colletral but you can`t transfer land/wearable or burn etc. If he doesn’t pay we will liquidate the LAND/wearables and we put the wallet to blacklist.

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LAND and WEARABLE mortages

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

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