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Digital Person is a pioneering project that redefines the concept of digital identities in the virtual world. Leveraging the power of Web3 technologies, our project aims to create unique, user-owned 3D avatars that can be minted as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and transacted in a decentralized manner. Additionally, we intend to harness distributed storage systems for secure and decentralized account data storage. This project, therefore, not only democratizes digital identities but also contributes to the thriving Web3 ecosystem. Through the development of a dynamic avatar marketplace, Digital Person enhances user creativity, fosters collaboration, and promotes commerce in the emerging virtual space.

Grant size

8,000 USD in MANA

Project duration

1 month

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Digital Person is a cutting-edge 3D avatar project developed using the top-tier 3js engine. The project aims to disrupt how users interact with their digital personas in the emerging virtual ecosystem. Through this project, we plan to integrate Web3 technologies to leverage their decentralized attributes, thereby enhancing the ownership, interaction, and portability of these digital personas.

The planned integration will allow users of Digital Person to connect their blockchain wallets, mint their avatars as unique non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and send them over the blockchain. This mechanism doesn’t just reinforce the concept of decentralized ownership; it also opens the gates to a vibrant marketplace for user-generated digital avatars, offering limitless opportunities for creativity, collaboration, and commerce.

Additionally, our project intends to utilize distributed storage services for account storage. This approach assures users that their digital identities are secured and decentralized, as data stored via distributed storage is duplicated and distributed across several network nodes worldwide. This model guarantees data persistence and high availability - vital qualities in the fast-evolving virtual space.

The integration of Web3 and the use of distributed storage are expected to result in a seamless user experience where each user can genuinely own, manage, and transact their unique digital avatars without the need for intermediaries.

The grant we seek will be utilized to develop this integration, refine our user interface for seamless blockchain wallet interactions, and enhance the security of our minting process. This funding will also enable us to conduct comprehensive testing, improve our documentation, and ultimately foster a dynamic community around the Digital Person project.

Our vision with Digital Person is to set a new standard for digital identity in the web3 era. This project represents a significant step towards a future where every individual can have an interactive, portable, and truly owned digital persona in the virtual world. The integration of Web3 and the use of distributed storage will not only help us reach this goal but also contribute to the overall growth and diversity of the blockchain and Web3 ecosystem.

Roadmap and milestones

Our roadmap is as follows:

Web3 integration for wallet connectivity (est. $3,500)
Development of avatar minting and transaction functionalities (est. $2,500)
Integration with distributed storage for account data (est. $2,000)
User testing and feedback collection (est. $2,000)

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Digital Persona

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

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