[DAO:f27e4f0] Permanently ban jar0d

by 0x447c9058be5c164e0c4aae380381e7a5215052d4 (DHINGIA)

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Permanently ban jar0d


I propose that current Decentraland DAO Discord server community member jar0d be permanently banned from the Decentraland DAO Discord server and permanently banned from all DAO proposal discussion Forums.


The Decentraland DAO Discord server is a place where many community members gather in hopes of engaging in relevant and insightful conversations pertaining to the Decentraland DAO. Even after blocking 20-30 accounts on the forums and dicord for misbehaving with various people, today he created 5 new accounts to argue in the DecentralandDAO Discord.

While disagreements often occur, for the most part the community is able to engage in these disagreements respectfully.

However, community member jar0d has a very long history of being verbally combative and disrespectful toward nearly all other community members, and engages in this activity nearly every single day.

In fact, since the DAO instituted a mute mechanism, jar0d is one of the most muted member of the community.

Jar0d has repeatedly referred to community members by disrespectful an derogatory names that include but are not limited to:

Dumb Bitch
Sack of Shit
Human Fleshlight

Jar0d’s vulgar language inside the server and in the DAO proposal discussions forums, which often includes profanity angers and escalate tensions between himself and other community members.

As a result of Jar0ds disruptive conversations, on many occasions the entire channel has been put on a cooldown to slow communications. In effect, due to the actions of one instigator, the entire community is constantly being punished and therfore cannot effectively communicate.

In my opinion, having observed the discussions of jar0d over many months, and despite the innumerous warning he has received to cease (and many mutes), he has continued to irritate, antagonize, and intimidate good people to the point many no longer choose to participate in DAO discussions out of fear of being verbally attacked and abused by jar0d.

While some have called for more forceful moderation, I believe that action is an unnecessary policing of the entire community to simply mitigate the unacceptable actions of one member.


As I mentioned, jar0d has a very long history of being disruptive. He has received many public warnings; many have attempted to converse with him about his unacceptable behaviors privately via DMS; he has been muted many times; nothing has seemed to have worked, as he continues to this day to use the Decentraland DAO discord as his personal platform to engage in harassing, abusive, disruptive, and often libelous behaviors.

If the community would like the Decentraland DAO Discord to once again be a platform where they can freely express their ideas, views, and concerns without the fear being incessantly attacked, then there must be accountability. In my opinion, those whose seemingly sole purpose of existence is to intentionally disrupt, irritate and annoy, should be permanently removed from the community.


Permanently ban jar0d from the Decentraland DAO Discord server and permanently ban jar0d from all DAO proposal discussion Forums.


This will bring peace to the DAO Forums and Discord

Implementation Pathways

Ban Jarod permanently banned from the Decentraland DAO Discord server and permanently banned from all DAO proposal discussion Forums.


It is my hope that all of jar0d’s victims, both past and present, read this proposal and take the necessary action to permanently ban him.

In doing so, it is my hope that the Decentraland DAO community can once again reclaim their right to engage with other members free from the fear of harassment. And approving this action will also serve as a deterrent and reminder to all others that the type of behavior that jar0d has for too long engaged in will no longer be tolerated within our community.

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Yeah, fuck that guy.

You gonna need Eteban to vote on this invalid proposal though, because there isn’t 6 million VP among active voters any more

If there was 100x more people there would be 100x more “Jar0d types”. To ban is a knee jerk. There needs to be things in place that keeps everyone IN the ecosphere or else we make an “echosphere”. Also whatever that is bad can always be subjective (up until a point) but that doesn’t mean we should stop peoples opinions on other matters because of a personal matter. Best thing anyone can do if they feel they are being bullied is to block or ignore that who they do not want to interact with. Not limit the range of opinions that can be seen. All love though man, this isn’t me choosing sides. (hug gif XD)

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Hey, dude. Look at the pics. It’s not opinions, it’s insults and harassment…

Yep, and there could be pics from the other side too. Hence the just block and don’t interact. A lot of stuff is in defence of another issue.

Okay, you suppose blocking him is the solution. But do you want others, including newcomers, to see these public insults and the mess in our DAO and forum? Different opinions are welcome, but they should be expressed without harsh words and with respect for our environment.

“There needs to be things in place that keeps everyone IN the ecosphere” No but I’m saying banning isn’t the solution. There for sure still needs to be moderation or a solution of sorts so newcomers don’t come in to a cess pool and straight up banning isn’t it. IMO

Yo, @web3nit are you trying to force @Helpimstreaming to change his vote?

When it comes to you, you see it from a different perspective. There are no jokes here. Many people have left because of him. Not everyone has the mental strength to survive and continue being present after his insults. Allowing such people to continue harassing others without consequence will lead to a troll environment and a culture of hate.

I’m not saying no consequences. Thank you for your time

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Okay, block and forget—it’s not like I haven’t tried that. He writes nasty comments under everyone’s pictures and posts on X who attend my events, goes into the DMs of people working with me, and spreads negativity in-world. Listen, dude, this happens daily. Ever since he found out that Ladylove is my wife, he’s been targeting her too. What’s the limit to ignoring him when he attacks almost anyone connected to me? Dont u see the level of trolling he does in DAO Discord even after they have banned him, so banning him is not a solution. Its about the safety of people coming to DCL.

Yes it sucks and its bad, I don’t condone it one bit. But blocking from forum participation isn’t it. IMO

Okay expert, listened to what u said, thanks

Thank you Padawan. Have a blessed day

I’ll start by giving a general mental health trigger warning for the content that’s about to come.

I won’t speak for anyone but myself. My self-esteem suffered severely after I had my turn being insulted and harassed by jar0d. He made sure to turn people against me once I finally spoke out about it, and things just continued to spiral downward for me. He tried to make bogus claims about my grant project, looking for any possible slip up he could use to present me to the community as some sort of fraud. He started telling people I was mentally ill and had a friend pull up months-old conversations where I discussed having experienced CPTSD, saying since I brought it up, that I deserve to have it brought into every conversation. Even had someone take the opportunity to smugly explain the concept of personal branding to me, as if I should have to gauge every single interaction with every person in the community as a calculated step towards my career goals. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to gauge the true damage that jar0d did to my personal or professional reputation. It seems like even if you’re a good person and you handle his abuse well, just the nature of getting tied up with him is a bad look.

Sure, from his perspective, there’s always another side of the story that justifies his actions. Unfortunately I never got a clear answer of what I did to deserve it, and the pattern I’m seeing is that more and more people are having the exact same pattern of interactions with him.

I have pulled away from Decentraland pretty hard as a result. There’s only so much you can have someone tell you that you’re smug, and exasperating, and everyone is siding with your abuser in DMs, before you start to think it must be true.

Then I started to feel like there’s nobody I can trust or even talk to anymore. I started to notice that the community continued to enable him and allow him to dominate conversations. While nobody seemed to notice or care that I was suddenly pulling back and becoming more isolated. I started to wonder if anyone would even notice or care if I stopped coming at all. That maybe my presence here is even a detriment, and people would like it better if I wasn’t around.

These feelings could best be described as “thwarted belongingness” or “perceived burdensomeness”. Once I recognized that’s what I was feeling, I became even more upset about the community/dao/foundation’s tolerance of this, because these two feelings have a scientific correlation with suicides.*

*Source: Thwarted Belongingness and Perceived Burdensomeness: Construct Validity and Psychometric Properties of the Interpersonal Needs Questionnaire - PMC

If you think about it, when someone decides to leave Decentraland and never comes back, that is basically a digital suicide. There’s no reason to think those feelings won’t start to spill over into real life.

So if you ask me, Decentraland in its current state, despite all of its potential, is a detriment to society. People leave here more broken than they were when they came. All because we let this utopian idea of decentralized anarchy convince people that freedom of speech means freedom from societal consequences.

I’m bracing for the impact of whatever attempted character assassination comes as a retaliation for me writing this, but I don’t feel like I have much to lose here at this point anyway. I kinda doubt this is going to go anywhere because it never does and each time it just emboldens him more.

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Thank you for speaking up. There are so many people who are victim of his actions, but no one wants to say anything as they are scared. What you wrote here reflects what I’ve been going through for a very long time. Thanks, it means a lot.

This is now going on almost a year of these Governance proposals, starting with RobL, then Jasonx, Then @Unknower and now you, used to harass me, while most of you barely, if at all, add on to the poorly written attempt to frame calling out bigots as a bad thing; so it feels like if I am as awful as you claim you would not need to resort to fabricating things to accuse me of.

I do not go to your events and with the exception of the week where you were on twitter claiming I was trying to have you killed have rarely mentioned you in world.

This is 100% false and just pure libel, I have no idea who your wife is, and at no time have ever spoken to or engaged with her. The only time i have ever referenced your wife was when DMing you after you had once again gone on a fabricated tirade making things up to attack my character when I told you to “get a hobby, or go fuck you wife” since it seems like those would be better uses of your time than making things up to attack me.

Really, just my friends and people I hold in high esteem who should know better. But some people are willing to look past your bigotry, transphobia and constant attacks on people like Doki to sell some wearables or get a low budget build.

Do you mean when I tell you to stop making things up, like when you accuse Mimsy of being my alt account and harass other people because you can’t get me out of your head? That isn’t trolling. That is responding to your consistently dishonest actions.

Sir, I just pointed out that you should have submitted an accelerator grant request and not a platform grant. You projected everything else on to the situation.

I believe this is 80% your own projects and 20% over reacting.

Literally no one said that

I wish I had someone I could blame for all the issues in my life, it must be nice. I think that you would benefit from taking some ownership in any “damage” done to your reputation.

Your inability to to accept/understand the answers you were given is not the same thing as not receiving answers for why I spoke as I did.

this is a level of hyperbole that I think undermines your overall ability to communicate your feelings in a way others will find sympathizeable, but if you are feeling like harming yourself, I do hope you speak to someone in your real life, or call one of the many hotlines available, to address these feelings.

I will ignore the fact that you instigated our initial disagreement and instead just point out that you were literally given an hour in the CBD weekly twitter space to disparage me while I was not there to defend myself and received nothing but support from the community.

You are free to throw yourself a pity party, but do not pretend you received no sympathy or support from the community when you were doing it last summer/fall

Anyway, as discussed when @Unknower elevated his draft proposal to governance, which he has since deleted, this is not actionable governance and is nothing more than a continuation of a year of harassment of me that only continues to make the Decentraland DAO look like a complete joke in the world of web3.

I hope that in future iterations of this harassment campaign, Mr. D can at least stick to mostly factual attacks on my character.

Have a lovely rest of your day

Nah, you know what, I’m out. I’m not doing this shit again. Fuck it.

That’s not what my DMs seem to think