[DAO:e3bcfc3] Content that teaches how to create an NFT store using DG Live, builder and SDK

by 0x664eabe08871a7b7f13ade88bc34605ed5eaeae6 (Tobik)

Should the following $3,000 grant in the Social Media Content category be approved?


Make an animated video part of a marketing campaign which will teach people how to make an automatic NFT store using DG Live (no-code), builder and SDK. Upload it on YouTube. Promote it everywhere.

Grant size

3,000 USD in DAI

Project duration

1 month

Beneficiary address


Email address



I am excited to present my grant proposal for a marketing campaign that mostly consist of a video (mockups at the end) aimed at attracting NFT communities to Decentraland and encouraging them to start selling NFTs within the platform using the no-code tool DG Live, the builder, SDK and pre-made builds (I’m going to use the ones created by Mr. Dhingia). The motivation behind this is the theory that brands may want to create their own NFT stores in Decentraland if they don’t have to code almost anything and they can accept $ICE as a payment method.

Why putting focus on $ICE? Because Decentral Games Poker players are earning this token 24/7 and they can spend it on DG or in… NFT stores!

The content of the video consists on:

a) Why an NFT project should start selling on Decentraland
b) Where they should publish (DCL Worlds, land (bought/rented))
c) How to create the store using the builder
d) How to move the store from the builder to the SDK
e) How to add DG Live
f) How to configure the store using DG Live and accept $ICE, Coinbase/Binance payments and credit card
g) How to deploy (both Genesis City and Worlds)

The video production process has been underway for the past two weeks, during which I have dedicated my time and efforts to create visually stunning animations using After Effects. The script has been carefully crafted to ensure it is easily understandable by individuals with varying levels of technical knowledge. Moreover, to streamline the store creation process, I have taken the initiative to make Mr. Dhingia Builds ((MrDhingia) Dhingia Builds | Wiki | Decentraland Misc | Unversed) easily downloadable from my website (with his permission), accompanied by a promotional video to raise awareness (https://twitter.com/unversed_EN/status/1664278130075504643).

I firmly believe that my previous work on Decentraland has demonstrated its value to the platform, and I am confident that this video will be no exception. To access my previous work, kindly visit Tobik - YouTube. You can see that some of those videos (like the VR one) are being actively watched and recommended by the developers.

While I am committed to completing the video regardless, I kindly request financial support to compensate for the considerable time and effort invested in this project. The return on investment for this video is expected to be high, and such support would serve as both motivation for me to continue creating valuable content. In fact, a big portion of this money will be re-invested on upgrading my setup.

Relevant links:

Mockups for this video (NOT FINAL RESULT): Mockups for video (not final version, lacks of sound effects, lacks of some animations) - YouTube
Videos I made for DCL brands and foundation: Tobik | Portfolio

DISCLAIMER: I’m uploading this grant as a content creator, this has nothing to do with my position at the DAO COMMITTEE.

Roadmap and milestones

The main video should be finished and uploaded to my channel in 1-2 weeks approx.

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I think it would be better to ask DG for payment since you promote their product.
Don’t you think?

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Hello, InJesterr. Thanks for your question.

I don’t want to take money from DG Live development (DG doesn’t apply here) since the product is already expensive to develop (take a look at its features and you will see it :sweat_smile:) and I prefer that money to be used to keep improving the product. The Decentraland DAO is in the best position to take care of this since it doesn’t represent too much money and the ROI that could take place is going to be more than worth.

Second of all, this video not only focuses on DG Live but on Decentraland as a whole, so it’s a good idea to create it. The fact that brands can jump into Decentraland and sell their NFTs is a good idea, and it doesn’t matter if today I use DG Live or any other panel. I’m currently choosing DG Live because I contribute to them and right now it’s the only public free solution that I’m aware of that allows you to do that.

And again, the video is not only focused on DG Live, it’s also focused on the builds from Mr Dhingia as well as building/selling in Decentraland.


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Any questions please ask! :grinning: I also want to respond to the most FAQ:

Q: Is $3k for a single video too much?
A: Not necessarily. In this particular case, considering the valuable content, extensive editing, detailed information, and step-by-step guide I am providing to the community, the price is justified. The video aims to help NFT communities thrive and succeed in selling on DCL (Decentraland). By following the instructions in my video, they will be equipped with the necessary knowledge to achieve their goals. Therefore, considering the potential benefits and outcomes, the investment of $3k is reasonable and worthwhile.

Q: Can you prove your content helped people?
A: Yes, look at my channel, even the VR team has used one of my videos as an instruction guide.

Q: Why not asking money for multiple videos?
A: I’m currently working on this video/campaign which is already a challenge with a specific goal.

Q: Will you deliver the video and campaign even if the grant is not approved?
A: Yes. I’m 100% convinced that Decentraland needs this and someone has to do it. I think the money is not a big risk for the DAO and that’s why I’m asking it because it makes a difference to me and it also makes a difference here.

Oh, I also plan to make other short-form contents that will redirect people to the main video. I didn’t include it in the proposal since the main goal is to make people aware of the original video. Any questions please feel free to ask!

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I agree with @InJesterr . Maybe you do it for $MANA too since this is DCL DAO. Add the utility of also accepting not just $ICE but also $MANA and Waifumon too and you got a yes from me. Don’t worry not gonna troll about your followers like you do on my proposals since you don’t have any.

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Hey, Aaron. Thanks for the jokes.

First, DG Live accepts $MANA.

Second, the reason behind putting focus on $ICE was explained on the theory I provided you before. Decentral Games Ice Poker players constitutes the vast majority of users connected at the same time. These people have tokens that they could be perfectly spending on Decentraland. It just makes sense to build on top of it at the moment.

The fact that players fall into Decentraland to buy NFTs from their favourite communities is naturally good for the whole ecosystem. Those players who found the platform due to an NFT store, may later spend money on land, wearables or names.

In addition to this, DG Live is working on integrating Decentraland with e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Woocommerce and Magento (this means you will be able to connect your merchandising shop with Decentraland). From the sales that use those integrations, the DAO will receive 30% of the earnings lifetime.

I recommend people seeing the big picture of what we are talking here: a tool that works and a big opportunity for brands to start selling here.

And again, my video is not 100% focused on DG Live: it also gives advice on how to create your place in Decentraland. But yeah, DG Live, at the moment (and in my opinion), is the best no-code thing we can offer to NFT brands to sell here.


P.S: DG Live and Decentral Games are not the same team. There is obviously a relationship on the brand but the two projects are leaded by different people. DG Live was funded by the DAO.
P.S.2: you can sell your Waifumoms with DG Live. Go add them to the marketplace and add the code using the SDK. You can accept $ICE, Coinbase/Binance payments and Credit Card (no KYC from your side). If you don’t know how to do it, you may want to fund this video :slightly_smiling_face:

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Clear answer good proposal will vote yes now :+1:t2:

I think it’s a conflict of interest for paid DAO Committee members to request grants for personal endeavors. I will vote no respectfully :pray:


Hey, Nikki. Thanks for voting.

I would appreciate if you could explain me where is the conflict of interests between being a DAO Committee (a role which consists on enacting things on-chain) and asking a grant for recording/producing a YouTube video. I don’t personally see how both things are related with each other.


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Why would the Decentraland DAO pay you to create content promoting a business?

I am not questioning that you are capable of creating content worthy of paying for, I just don’t understand why this content would be the content the DAO would pay for.

If you wanted to make videos about the DAO, how it works, and promoting participation, that makes sense. But I don’t think it makes sense for the DCL DAO to pay to promote DGLive, which isn’t even a Decentral Games product, despite it’s use of DG’s logo.

Also, you skipped over some of the Performance Metrics.

Based on the above quote, I had assumed you had both, a lot of views, and consistent numbers.

What makes you think this video is going to be closer to 10k than your more common sub 1k?

Might be a bit unreasonable because him being in the comittee doesn’t mean he has no right to work on his own projects and get funded for those projects he is putting work and time in :man_shrugging:t2:

@Tobik creating videos for decentraland is one of the few things that is really being watched by a huge fanbase on youtube.

@jar0d as I understand it he is teaching a majority of people from decentraland on how to use the DG Live in their interest and not the interest of DG

Respect your worries and decisions but would gladly wanted to reconsider it and try to see it from a realistic perspective :v:t2:

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First I am a little on the fence with a “Committee Member” requesting a grant as but have not made a complete decision on that point as of yet. This is also unattractive with all the DG talk however; I do see your point with it’s popularity and will take your word on the ease of use.

Question 1: Will you advise the viewers of other methods that they could research on their own other than DG live should they wish?
Question 2: Will there be a transcript and a translation into multiple languages. I think this would be very important as there are many new communities popping up? Israel, Germany, Turkey, Arabia, etc.

If those questions can be answered I would most certainly vote yes. With Decentral Games doing the collabs they have been doing with NFT projects not necessarily ones inside DCL, this could be a great way for them to also offer their NFTs for sale or their holders to sell them.

Hello, Existential14. Thanks for commenting and providing your votes.

First, I don’t know why being a DAO COMMITTEE member blocks me from the possibility of creating content and getting money from the DAO. In fact, I’m using the same method that anyone else can use, therefore, where is the sketchy thing? I don’t see it.

If this proves anything, is that aside of my position on the DAO, I’m still a community member that doesn’t have any special treatment and has to use the mechanisms that apply for everyone.

Question 1: as far as I know, there is not available a no-code way of selling NFTs and managing your store with metrics in Decentraland. If you know one, please let me know.
Question 2: yeah, I plan to subtitle the video to Spanish. Later, I can create multiple translations using AI tools.


Hello, Jar0d.

This is not correct. Decentral Games and DG Live have a relationship, it’s not like DG Live took the brand without asking. Today, Decentral Games is a partner of DG Live.

My video benefits Decentraland as a whole. Currently, the cost of selling NFTs and managing a store in Decentraland is very high for some NFT brands. With this video, brands will be able to deploy their stores here faster and cheaper, attracting a nice sum of players.

Then, the video is not a commercial. It’s a tutorial with a specific goal: sell your NFTs in Decentraland and accept different payment methods without needing to be a developer. The video includes explanations on LAND, Worlds (what to choose) and other general concepts that brands may want to know.

As if this were not enough, the new integration that DG Live is developing (the one made to sell IRL products with Woocommerce, Shopify and Magento) will give 20% of the earnings lifetime to the DAO. That’s another revenue for the DAO.


$3000 for one video is too high in my opinion.

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Hello, Canessa.

I think you should take a look at the video edition I’m aiming for, the content, and the value it will bring to Decentraland. If NFT stores can sell here and they bring players, $3k is a small amount to invest in a campaign like this.

And again, it’s not like I will release the video and that’s all. You can see how I already have been creating side content to make this process easier on my website (https://twitter.com/unversed_EN/status/1664278130075504643). The video is the focus but is actually closer to a marketing campaign to make people sell their stuff here. I will traduce to multiple languages, and as I’ve mentioned before, I will create short-form content to redirect people from other social media to the main video.


P.S: please take a look at my YT channel.

It’s a Marketing Campaign for DG Live. That’s literally what you called it in the opening sentence of your description.

I’ll help tobik to translate the video in two languages if it passes 1 in turkish, 1 in dutch for free :slight_smile:

Haha thanks. I can send you the script auto-translated and you approve it :joy:

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