[DAO:bed204e] Status of Original Contributors of District X

I don’t care about any of the verbiage or if it’s legality on this matter. This sounds ultimately like a MORAL and ETHICAL debate to me and something should be done for those that contributed to the districts. If they do not want anything then fine but whether they get a land parcel or some proceeds from a land sale or their initial contribution back is up to the parties involved to decide. There were promises made that have been broken and there needs to be a way to make this right. 1 thing for sure, the VP should be distributed amongst them cause no one person should have this much voting power. The fact that it’s being used is ethically wrong and calls into question the type of person that is in control of that power regardless of how it was obtained.

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The way to make DCL a better future than the centralized one we are trying to improve is to ensure we aren’t building on mistakes/wrongs of this magnitude.

Final thoughts here.


It’s incredibly clear that not only does Rob understand what he is doing is wrong, and potentially outright fraudulent, but he’s continuing to hamper progress on an important aspect of Decentraland by not upholding any of the promises made.

He’s instead waiting for someone who is willing to pay an insane amount of money, so that he can sell the LLC that holds the assets and pocket the money for himself. We have confirmed this with multiple parties that have previously been in contact with Rob discussing a sale, with asking prices ranging in the high 7 / low 8 figure range.

Here’s an example of just how poor the handling of this district has been taken from the District X discord:

Concerned contributors, not even a response from Rob.

An Airdrop was promised to ensure we could track original contributors, I want to be clear here. A non technical person could send out an ERC-20 token to cover this functionality within a day, it would not require any development or coding experience, and that could always be built upon later.

How poor does management need to be that this airdrop has still not occurred? And at this point, likely never will. This is not some complex technical challenge, it can be done via GUI or cloning incredibly basic open zeppelin contracts if you actually want to deploy it yourself.

End this sham, get this district back into the hands of the foundation or people who have the capacity to run it - and do so with a wrapped contract that prevents the on-selling of these NFTs by potential malicious actors like Rob in the future.


Status of Original Contributors of District X

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 32% 2,312,463 VP (158 votes)
  • No 68% 4,706,371 VP (165 votes)

I missed this, I apologize. Updating the land contract better not happen change ownership of land. That is not power that should be exercised by anyone. Blockchain is war. People lie and cheat and scheme. If you dont think the same would happen as people try to social engineer additional changes to the land contract, you are clearly only thinking about your bags, and not those of your community members.


A) Eth forked to right a wrong.
B) This was brought up to address the fact that people keep saying “nothing can be done” and that is factually false.

What is your opinion about 30% of the land being taken from individual contributors that paid for them and given to central companies controlled by very few of the contributors?