[DAO: bafkrei] Vueltta x NFT Show Europe: Art Installation to Increase Decentraland Engagement

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Should the following Tier 3: up to $5,000 USD in MANA, 3 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Content Creator category be approved?


Vueltta is an international art collective creating immersive experiences in Decentraland. We will present our new Decentraland project ‘The Labyrinth Effect’ to a major audience of global artists and brands at NFT Show Europe.

The Labyrinth Effect is currently self-funded and will happen with or without this grant. But, as independent artists and designers, we’d greatly appreciate DAO support towards build and exhibition costs. The Labyrinth Effect will be an important demonstration of Decentraland’s creative potential to an audience of leading digital artists, brands and investors.

Grant size

4,600 USD

Beneficiary address


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‘The Labyrinth Effect’ is a new series of immersive Decentraland installations and events by art collective Vueltta. Visitors are invited to explore ‘The Tower Labyrinth’ and ‘The Pyramid Labyrinth’, two large-scale installations across two Decentraland locations. Inside each labyrinth, visitors will experience contemporary art in an entirely new way.

First coined by researcher Dr. John Rhodes in 2006, ‘The Labyrinth Effect’ describes the states of mind evoked by walking a labyrinth. According to Rhodes, labyrinths create liminal spaces which promote ‘flashes of intuition, insight and openness’.

Vueltta’s labyrinths seek to bring this liminal experience into the metaverse.

‘Labyrinths are an ancient archetype dating back 4,000 years or more. They evoke metaphor, sacred geometry, spiritual pilgrimage… and community building’
— The Labyrinth Society

You can see more on the design of the installations in our slide deck here

Motivation 1: DCL Beyond ‘NFTs in Frames’

As an art collective, Vueltta’s aim is to use art installation and interactive technologies to explore how shared virtual experience will shape society and identity. As artists, we’re committed to using Decentraland to find new dimensions for contemporary art.

We believe creative teams like ours can go far beyond ‘NFTs in frames’ to provide immersive experiences - engaging new audiences both with art and with Decentraland. These ‘non-gaming’ experiences have significance for brands, artists and creative agencies evaluating their entry into the metaverse.

Motivation 2: Engage a wider creative community with DCL

The Labyrinth Effect will be presented at NFT Show Europe to some of the most important digital artists working today. These include Zancan, Kim Asendorf, AL Crego, VNCCII, Loackme and Tim Maxwell. It will also be seen by Hide Uehara, Director of business development for Square Enix, the Japanese conglomerate behind Final Fantasy, as well as brands like EssilorLuxottica.

The conference organisers expect at least 900 visitors. The Labyrinth Effect will be live-streamed into the exhibition hall of the event, where Vueltta artists will demonstrate the project and assist new users. We are also confirmed to present the project on a main conference stage.

To engage the NFT Europe Show audience further we plan several live events over the show dates. These will also be publicised on DCL discords and open to all:

  • Guided Labyrinth Walks with Vueltta Artists
  • Labyrinth Flash Mobs

Video and photography from these events will be shared across social media. The team’s previous events gained 250+ visitors/week through social media promotion alone. We expect visitor data to be much higher when combined with our NFT Show Europe presence, and will report all figures back to the DAO.

Film and photography from The Labyrinth Effect will be used in presentations for future creative industry summits.


The Labyrinth Effect will be designed and built by Vueltta, then deployed by our land collaborators.

We have already confirmed our collaborations for the two build locations:

Indie Village - location for The Tower Labyrinth

Land collaboration by Bill Burns, gallery build by KJ Walker

Indie Village is a 20-acre master-planned virtual development that aims to become the premier cultural destination of the metaverse. Partnered with NIVA (National Independent Venue Association), Indie Village brings real-world venues to life in Decentraland - beginning with a series of benefit shows in late summer 2022. Indie Village will be activated on a nightly basis with live concerts, art galleries, comedy clubs, fashion shows, social clubs and numerous other immersive virtual experiences. With a special mission to support women and the arts, Indie Village is currently hosting ‘Infinite Objects presents Women of the World’, an exhibition showcasing the art of 130 female artists from all over the globe. [100, 30]

Edifice Metaversal - location for The Pyramid Labyrinth

Land collaboration by G.S. Broz and metaplazas.com, supported by Dax

Edifice Metaversal is a 43 parcel estate created by NFT photobook pioneer G.S. Broz and Berlin-based design studio metaplazas.com. It was recently awarded a runner-up prize for architecture in Renovi’s Next Top Metaverse Build and was featured on Polygonal Mind’s MetaTrip #40. Inspired by IRL superstructures like Berlin’s ICC and Singapore’s PARKROYAL on Pickering, the estate is proud to be home to the metaverse’s first paternoster lift.

Now moving beyond the initial build, Edifice Metaversal aims to become a noteworthy hub of digital culture. The team is currently cultivating partnerships with tech-savvy art collectives like Vueltta in order to curate the best in boundary pushing SDK-based art. The Pyramid Labyrinth will be installed on the estate’s sweeping seventh floor roof terrace. [2, -39]


Vueltta co-founders Bay Backner and Adrián Martínez are the team behind REFUGE, the Decentraland art exhibition that raised $28,000 for Ukraine.

Adrián is an award-winning designer, most recently exhibited in Valencia World Design Capital 2022. His work has been recognised by National Geographic, Architectural Digest España and NEO2. Adrián created the Decentraland charity wearables for REFUGE, and was the designer-builder of Orica Gallery (45, 113).


Bay is an artist-curator, who produced Decentraland’s Wearable Show & Tell, REFUGE and SHOWCASE exhibitions. Her work was selected this year for Megacube by Polygonal Mind, NFT Liverpool, The Women’s Museum, ETH Barcelona and The Financial Times Digital Asset Summit. Bay was recently accepted to KevinOnEarth’s Decentraland Accelerator program.

Following Bay’s presentation of The Labyrinth Effect to the NFT Show Europe team, she was asked to curate the metaverse elements of the show.


Roadmap and milestones

Build: July- August 2022

40 hours x

  • 3D build in blender
  • creation of artworks for the labyrinth textures
  • graphic design of all presentation materials

@$50 / hr
= $3000

On-site Demonstration/Facilitation: Sept 2022

16 hours x

  • two artists at NFT Show Europe to set up screens, streams and facilitation
  • two days of demonstrations in the exhibition hall
  • digital facilitation in the live-streamed events
  • 1hr presentation in the main conference

@$50 / hr
= $1600

Total: $4600

All other costs such as screen hire, curation, time for organisation and liaison with partner DCL venues, organisation of the events, build deployment costs, copywriting and marketing will be covered by Vueltta art collective.

Visitor stats and feedback will be presented to the DAO via Discord & in the October Townhall.

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Easy yes from me! Bay is relatively new to DCL, but I’ve seen the work she’s put in, the passion she has and her incredible energy in communicating with the various communities here. Really looking forward to this!


Yes @dax said it best, this is a proposal that is EASY to vote YES on! @bay has been an active member since they have joined, contributing both to the art, social, community, and DAO/forums! The amount requested with the cost break down makes much sense, and I am so excited to explore the labyrinths in DCL very soon!


Easy yes, amazing proposal. Welcome to our community!

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Hello Bay!!!

Awesome Proposal! super detailed , covered all the bases! Amazing opportunity for Decentraland I am super excited!

Congratulations on the proposal getting passed.

Thank you so much Dax for your enthusiasm and support of this project. Already excited to be able to show you the labyrinths in just a few weeks’ time!

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@SinfulMeatStick @ckbubbles Thank you both so much for your support and comments here :slight_smile:
And for all the work you’re doing in community building. It’s creating a space for connection and innovation that’s so important for projects like ours. Really excited to be able to share the labyrinths with you in a few weeks’ time!

@maraoz your comment means a great deal to the project - especially after reading your far-reaching vision for Decentraland. Thank you for your confidence and we look forward to sharing the installations with you!


Exemplary proposal.

Proven track record of community engagement. Impressive team members. Realistic timeline. Informative details.

Voted YES

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Vueltta x NFT Show Europe: Art Installation to Increase Decentraland Engagement

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Vueltta x NFT Show Europe: Art Installation to Increase Decentraland Engagement

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