[DAO:b5d788d] Logarithmic VP conversion after a certain amount accumulated

by 0x5985eb4a8e0e1f7bca9cc0d7ae81c2943fb205bd (helpimstreaming)

For logarithmic (or any function of VP) to work without the spreading of VP. We need a locking in/burning system where your VP from names, mana and land have to be locked into your wallet to be able to function as VP. Then the only way to move would be delegation at a reduced rate (x0.25) or unlocking it from VP. This stops delegation of 1000VP to 1000 accounts at a 1:1 ratio which breaks the logarithmic idea. We would also see VP assets moved over a few accounts to bypass this, a way to deal with that would be a small cool down on VP when unlocked and moved. You could also have the VP amount at a x0.25 rate for the first 3 months of a an account owning and locking in a newly acquired VP asset. Also maybe repercussions of VP time out when it has been seen that asset spreading is happening for the sake of voting.

I believe if it’s done like this it will round off nicely.
1k = 1k VP
10k = 10k VP
100k = 90k VP
1m = 250k VP

With logarithmic VP your one mana would always equal one VP no matter where it’s gained from and it only comes into real effect just below acquiring 100k mana. This means everyday players whose main intentions are experiencing Decentraland are not affected and if you wanted more mana on more accounts then it comes with a cost of buying fresh mana.

Just putting it out there for someone to pick up down the line.

So what you think? bit of a mess ay. Could it work?

  • yes I want someone to pick this up down the line
  • no you can forget about it matey
  • maybe
  • Invalid question/options

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Does anyone have more history on why the dao stopped using wrapped mana for voting? @yemel @HPrivakos @ginoct

I like some of these ideas though. We won’t necessarily be able to fully prevent a whale splitting into multiple accounts, but with enough preventative measures, we can limit it’s impact. I don’t think we’ve arrived at the final solution yet but let’s keep thinking on it.


Wrapped MANA is still a source of VP.

The Wrapped MANA was created in 2020 to enable on-chain voting in Aragon’s implementation of the DAO, because the ERC-20 MANA contract was not compatible with Aragon’s voting scheme.

After the creation of the DAO Committee and the Governance Platform most of the voting migrated to off-chain voting using Snapshot.org, which support the MANA token as a native source of VP.

Since then wrapping MANA has been discouraged since is not necessary for most of the voting processes. However Wrapped MANA is still an active source of VP and can be used in Aragon on-chain voting system.

Logarithmic VP conversion after a certain amount accumulated.

This proposal is now in status: FINISHED.

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  • Yes i want someone to pick this up down the line 1% 2,622 VP (124 votes)
  • No you can forget about it matey 82% 4,005,184 VP (61 votes)
  • Maybe 6% 317,352 VP (54 votes)
  • Invalid question/options 11% 558,757 VP (78 votes)

Logarithmic VP conversion after a certain amount accumulated.

This proposal has been REJECTED by a DAO Committee Member (0xbef99f5f55cf7cdb3a70998c57061b7e1386a9b0)