[DAO:7e9539c] "EmpathyVision". Bridging Communities for people with the disadvantaged

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Should the following $100,000 grant in the Platform category be approved?


“Empathy Vision” aims to provide virtual reality experiences, particularly to disadvantaged individuals with disabilities or health challenges, enabling them to express themselves like Stephen Hawking and connect, learn, and explore the world from home. The project leverages VR technology to create inclusive spaces for community connection and exploration, promoting empathy and improving quality of life.

Grant size

100,000 USD in DAI

Project duration

3 months

Beneficiary address


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“We’re here to discuss and refine the idea, focusing on inclusivity and impact. Your feedback is crucial in shaping the project to better serve its intended audience. As the project evolves, we’ll hold a vote to gauge community interest and support. Thank you for your valuable input and engagement.”

“Empathy Vision” is an innovative initiative aimed at fostering empathy and inclusivity in the virtual world, particularly for individuals with disabilities. The project utilizes non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to support its mission of providing access to virtual experiences for disadvantaged individuals.

Through “Empathy Vision,” anonymous buyers have the opportunity to purchase NFTs representing virtual assets created by the project team. These virtual assets, ranging from digital art to interactive experiences, serve as contributions to the project’s goal of creating a more inclusive virtual environment.

A unique aspect of “Empathy Vision” is its focus on accessibility. A portion of the proceeds from NFT sales is allocated to the acquisition of MetaVR headsets, which are then distributed to individuals with disabilities. These headsets enable users to access virtual content and interact with the virtual world, thereby enhancing their overall virtual experience.

The process is simple: buyers acquire NFTs through decentralized marketplaces or platforms, knowing that their purchase contributes to a greater cause. By supporting “Empathy Vision,” buyers not only gain ownership of unique digital assets but also help provide access to virtual experiences for disadvantaged individuals.

Through the combination of NFTs, virtual assets, and accessibility initiatives, “Empathy Vision” aims to bridge the gap between virtual and real-world communities, fostering empathy, understanding, and inclusivity for all.

Roadmap and milestones

"The roadmap of the Empathy Vision project consists of several key steps:Community Building and Awareness: We’ll start by building our community and raising awareness about our project. We’ll engage with disabled individuals, supporters, and volunteers through communication and outreach efforts.Development and Testing Phase: In the second stage, we’ll develop and test the core components of our project. We’ll design virtual reality experiences tailored to the needs of disabled individuals and refine them based on user feedback.Accessibility and Usability: The third step involves making our project fully accessible to disabled individuals. We’ll optimize user interfaces and experiences to ensure that everyone can fully benefit from our project.Community Engagement and Growth: In the fourth stage, we’ll focus on increasing community engagement and growth. We’ll organize events to encourage participation from disabled individuals and supporters and conduct outreach efforts to reach wider audiences.Sustainability and Expansion: Lastly, we’ll strengthen our project with long-term sustainability and expansion strategies. By solidifying financial resources and forming partnerships, we’ll ensure the long-term success of our project and reach even broader audiences.

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It’s not clear what this would do for Decentraland to better serve persons with disabilities. “We’re here to discuss and refine the idea…”. I have disabled players and even people affiliated with my projects. I would certainly approve some specific feature being added if it helps serve a broader community but sounds like a lot of fluff here. Somehow buy my NFT going to help improve access?

Fundamentally, my aim is to provide a social life to those who are lacking in material or spiritual resources in the real world, and to do so in the best and most rational manner possible. Within this framework, with the Empathy Vision project, we seek to offer accessible and inclusive virtual reality experiences to people, especially to individuals with disabilities, providing them with the opportunity to integrate into society and engage in social interactions. With this goal in mind, i am focused on adopting the most effective and sustainable approach in implementing the project. However, at present, we do not have the capacity to attract enough attention from those who are already socially active in the real world, to the extent that we can compete with the real world enough to keep them in this world.

why this content is platform? I more support target in teenagers

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It is wrong to think of this idea by considering a specific age group; there are thousands, maybe millions, of young people who cannot socialize for the sake of existence and have no connection with the real world. We don’t think about them because we can’t see them on social media or on the street, but the virtual world may be the only world they have and are visible in… This could start a real life in Decentraland.

As a former Special Education teacher, using virtual reality with my students who had cognitive and mobility impairments was what got me started in the field of VR. This is a great idea, one I hope can come to fruition someday.

Unfortunately, Decentraland is far from having a working VR client, so I will be voting no for this right now. I think your idea is better suited for platforms like Blocksmith.xr where users can make their own world and access it from VR headsets, or even mobile phones.

Additionally, I cannot support a grant that is asking for $100,000.00 over a 3 month duration that has no roadmap and no budget. You have not itemized what you will spend, where you will spend it. Does your project have a website, social media? There is very little here to learn more about you and your team.


I appreciate your innovation, and I don’t have any biases based on age. It’s just that I hope some of it is focused on platform functionality development. Thank you.

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My goal is not to make money or get yes votes for this title. Everyone please vote no, but let’s bring together the people and ideas who can find the best way under this issue and vote on it again under a different title. I just want to raise this awareness, be the first to think about it here, be the first to announce it and say that what I think will make people happy. I wanted to announce it to you this way. THANK YOU

Thank you for your interest, together, we can discuss the best solution under this heading and find the safest and fairest way.

If I could offer one more piece of advice, because I can’t tell what you or your team has already developed, it would be to look for an alternative to the MetaVR. I used both mobile VR headsets and the Oculus, and usually both were too heavy for my students to articulate with their heads. One student with Duchenne’s muscular dystrophy could not move his head with the headset on. It took one staff member to help him hold his head, and the other would help him lift his arms and point with the hand controllers. It was hard, but when it worked, the experience was very positive for him.

The Apple Vision looks like it might be lighter weight, but to be completely honest, the lack of a lightweight headset will also hinder widespread adoption of VR for people with mobility limitations.
Best of luck to you!

This grant does not appear appropriate for the platform category.

“EmpathyVision”. Bridging Communities for people with the disadvantaged.

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

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  • Yes 1% 4,403 VP (7 votes)
  • No 98% 16,796,592 VP (52 votes)
  • Abstain 1% 42 VP (4 votes)