[DAO:4620214] Members VS Projects

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Almost the only way of providing productivity by the DAO has been by investing in granted projects, the problem is that once a grant project is finished, it has a high probability of being abandoned and forgotten, and maybe too much different and separated stuff.

The DAO should kind of “hire” diferent devs to work on whatever is necessary, not just closed scopes with start and end and closed teams, and to be able to adapt to the necessities, just like a company would do, then assigning the work without presenting a proposal, for example, a group of technicians can identify some necessities and assign the tasks to devs, or combined with kanban board, or proposals/ideas board, where the devs takes some TODO tasks, maybe those tasks/projects can have some small validation process, allowing devs to also propose what they want to work on or just a quick poll, always looking to the contribution of the DAO rather than external brands or individuals.

Also in the topic of games, community and content, which IMHO is key for success, all projects are separated from the DAO and between them mostly, besides the fact that once a grant finishes there is low motivation to sustain the project, but with a group of people we can work on more common goals/projects long term.

Apart of this, those internal members will also provide weekly worklogs to report done work and progress.

So, we can start with something like “the DAO needs 6 different devs and 2 3D modelers”, then have them working for different DAO matters.
Or… we can just create a new grant category “DAO employee” (maybe change the name to “contributor” for legal matters).
Any idea is welcome, but in general this poll is to put emphasys on if the DAO should invest in internal dev members rather than external brand projects

  • Members / internal devs
  • Projects / external brands
  • Invalid question/options

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I believe that hiring internal devs will makes us more capable of adjusting quickly to changes and this is what we need in these fast-changing times, and I agree that this priority will also help prevent issues with abandoned projects. Internal teams are more invested in the long-term success of the platform and can better ensure “continuity”

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Let’s say we have a 1st proposal by a team and it passes. A couple months later, a 2nd proposal doesn’t pass, the team abandons the project, and the DAO dev team continue the work. I’d like to point out two issues with that:

  1. Generally the proposals don’t exaggerate the price astronomically. So we end up doing the work for the same cost. And if we say that it would be a lower cost, it could mean exploiting the DAO devs and 3D modelers.

  2. If the community votes against an evolution proposal and a project is abandoned, it’s not really a good idea to have a team kind of overriding the decision and still work on it, using DAO funds on that without a proposal.

I agree it’s sad to use funds and see teams or companies take the DAO as hostage to fund another proposal, but it’s corollary of the way our system work and honestly human nature. They sometimes abandon projects out of spite and take down the builds or components that are needed for the operation. That’s why we recently asked the project to give us the code and assets to their work.

I believe a similar proposal such as this could pass, if it was highlighting that any DAO team task would need an approval from the community through a proposal and that only minimal work to make it operational would be done.

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Yea tbf if I had an idea that only needs minimal help, It’s good to know there’s someone or a group I can ask that will get me in the right direction BEFORE asking for a vote to approve a team that will inevitably only do what’s required.

Obviously everything will still go through a vote but to have people on hand with basic skills and knowledge of the dcl format will help majorly right now with the small userbase. Especially if they are keen for the growth of the platform.

Let me give you an example of above and beyond which this team should resonate…
I published a t-shirt and Yannakis showed me how to remove hands personally (because of the update). We are in a time where we can smell each others farts so why not work together as much as possible right now BEFORE it gets too unwieldy.

This team which can be small but hopefully passionate, can only function well RIGHT NOW with the small user base. This could be detrimental for creating quick ideas. But the people need to be active, responsive and passionate.

Maybe I read Pabs prop wrong and went on a tangent. But an actual “support” squad would help.

A modest salary to do a lil code and help ideas for the community (not brands) would be the perfect job for a knowledgeable dcl enthusiast.

Literally each employee could write in discord “I’m working on such n such rn” (Which in all realness would only be a quick task)

anyway I duno If I’m just rambling, safe x

While this could have value, I’m hesitant on whether our DAO at it’s current state could effectively hire/maintain another group of personnel. We are currently struggling to retain squads necessary for basic functioning.

Members VS Projects

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Members / internal devs 10% 27,366 VP (14 votes)
  • Projects / external brands 62% 160,095 VP (8 votes)
  • Invalid question/options 28% 74,662 VP (25 votes)