[DAO:2fa35b8] Meeple Madness MVFW: Tier One Request for 1,500USD

by 0x0313b00c066ba9e9791cb4f7064c0a1e8a230dad (LUCII)

Should the following $1,500 grant in the In-World Content category be approved?


Meeple Madness is an exhilarating metaverse game that takes place in the clouds, high above the ground. Players navigate through a vibrant and colorful world, jumping and running across floating platforms and obstacles as they compete in a parkour-style race to the top. Once the player has reached a sufficient level in the game they are granted access to an exclusive Meeples wearable. Meeple madness will be built on Meeples DCL ENS and will be active during MVFW with possible time expansion based on user feedback.

Meeples (#meeplesforthepeoples) is a DCL native wearable project created by LUCII that started during MVMF 2022. LUCII is a verified DCL wearables creator and has been a contributor in DCL for 1+ years.

Grant size

1,500 USD

Beneficiary address


Email address



With funding, LUCII can continue to improve and expand the Meeple IP, providing players with even more engaging content and experiences. Meeple Madness is a game that is not only fun but also has the potential to become a cultural phenomenon, and investing in its development is a smart move for anyone interested in the future of gaming in DCL. Meeple Madness has the potential to bring a range of benefits to the metaverse, including increased engagement, social interaction, and diversity. By investing in the game’s development, we can help to create a metaverse that is more vibrant, dynamic, and inclusive for everyone.

Budget Specification

Maria is requesting 800USD to develop the game, the rest of the funds will be used to cover wearable publishing costs for LUCII and/or be put towards marketing costs.


Designer/3D Assets: LUCII (Lucia Kramarczuk) Los Angeles, USA

Game Developer: MAP (Maria Martinez) Canary Islands, SPAIN
Portfolio: map.space | Instagram, TikTok | Linktree

Check out what we’ve built so far:

Roadmap and milestones

1: Core Development

In this phase, the development team would focus on creating the core gameplay mechanics, user interface, and other essential features of the game. This would involve creating the different 3D assets for the game, designing the game’s world and meeple claims.

2: Testing

Once the core development is complete, the game would move into an alpha testing phase. This would involve inviting a small group of players to test the game and provide feedback on its features, mechanics, and overall experience. This feedback would be used to identify any bugs or issues that need to be addressed before the game’s public launch.

4: Public Launch: March 28th

Once the beta testing phase is complete, the game would be ready for public launch. This would involve a marketing campaign to raise awareness of the game and attract new players. The launch would also include ongoing updates and improvements to the game based on player feedback.

5: Post-Launch Support

After the game is launched, the development team would continue to provide ongoing support and updates to ensure that the game remains engaging and enjoyable for players. This would involve regular content updates, bug fixes, and feature improvements based on player feedback.
Overall, this roadmap would allow the development team to create a polished and engaging metaverse game that meets the needs and expectations of players while also allowing for ongoing updates and improvements over time.

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I have really enjoyed interacting with the Meeples brand lately. Thanks for the awesome wearables. Keep building!

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Appreciate it! Thank you!

Really interesting concept, I like that you’re trying to integrate wearables with a gamified experience. If the DAO is funding this, will the game experience then be open source and available for others to customize and make it their own?

Yes, that is deeply ingrained in the Meeples ethos of #meeplesforthepeoples. Meeples will always strive to free an accessible to all. @unkowner released the code for how we have and will distribute the wearables the other day on github, so part of the magic we use is already free to access :wink:

Lucii thank you for getting back to me! This is great to know and I look forward to seeing what you can build!

Meeple Madness MVFW: Tier One Request for 1,500USD

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 79% 5,255,453 VP (170 votes)
  • No 21% 1,428,763 VP (6 votes)
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Meeple Madness MVFW: Tier One Request for 1,500USD

This proposal has been ENACTED by a DAO Committee Member (0xbfa6d24e6a061e9aea3447163fdfe045177dd40e)

Vesting Contract Address: 0x8a9F567F8526350ee4Ca54CC51e129C187Da9626

This is an official announcement of the conclusion of the Meeple Madness Project!

I had such a great time creating this experience for everyone, I hope you enjoyed it as well! If you are interested in following up with Meeples please feel free to follow our official twitter here:
META MEEPLES (@metameeples) / Twitter

Thank you to everyone who showed support and engaged with the project, much love! MEEP MEEP!