[DAO:259cfc1] Empowering African Communities through DCL: Adoption & Inclusion Via Education

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Last year we launched “Web of Thrones” to document the evolving world of Web 3 using video educational & trending content to guide enthusiasts & new users in the blockchain world. Through this, we formed communities such as HER DAO, Pan African Gaming Group, African Blockchain Center.

Case Studies: http://brandsauce.strikingly.com/

We discovered that Africans are underrepresented in Decentraland, due to a lack of awareness & education about the metaverse, a lack of representation of African culture & heritage. To address this, “Web of Thrones” will complement a new idea “Mana Safari” or “Mana from Heaven” - an interactive educational experience to introduce African users to Decentraland & incentivize them to participate in the community.

Grant size

20,000 USD

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“Mana Safari” will be an interactive educational experience designed to introduce African users to Decentraland and its features. Please view full proposal here: Chain X

The experience is be modeled after a safari adventure, with users exploring the virtual world of Decentraland and encountering various obstacles and challenges along the way.

As users progress through the experience, they would learn about the different aspects of Decentraland, such as how to create and customize their own avatars, how to buy and sell virtual land using the MANA token, and how to participate in various activities and events within the virtual world.

“Mana from Heaven” would be another educational component that could be added to the experience. This would be a program designed to distribute MANA tokens to African users
who complete certain educational tasks or achieve specific milestones within Decentraland. The program would serve as an incentive for users to learn more about Decentraland
and encourage them to become more active within the virtual world.

By combining the “Web of Thrones” concept with “Mana Safari” and “Mana from Heaven,” it would be possible to create a comprehensive educational experience that introduces
African users to the world of Decentraland and incentivizes them to become active members of the community.

Problems Faced By Africans In Leapfrogging To Decentraland:

Problem 1: Lack of Awareness & education

Problem 2: Connectivity Issues

Problem 3: Gender Inequality

Problem 4: Cultural Differences

Proposal: Marketing Strategies to Promote Decentraland Adoption in Africa. Please view full proposal here:

Decentraland presents a vast potential for Africa, but adoption rates have been hindered by several challenges,To address these challenges, we propose the following marketing strategies to promote the adoption of Decentraland among Africans.

  1. Engage social media influencers in Africa to create awareness about Decentraland and encourage their followers to join the community.

  2. Create content marketing videos that showcase the features of Decentraland and how it can solve unique African challenges, produced in local languages.

  3. Organize live events that educate and showcase the potential of Decentraland to Africans, including virtual tours, demos, and expert talks.

  4. Run social media giveaways that incentivize Africans to participate in the community and adopt Decentraland, targeted at those with limited access to financial resources.

In conclusion, by employing these marketing strategies, we aim to create awareness and encourage adoption of Decentraland among Africans. The strategies will be tailored to the target audience in Africa and will focus on addressing the challenges they face. We believe that the adoption of Decentraland in Africa will not only benefit the continent but also contribute to the growth and development of the virtual world.

Budget Specification

Monthly Budget Amount
Influencer Management $1200
Media & PR $400
Video Shooting Venue $250
Participant Giveaways $250
Pro Video Editing $300
Social Media Manager $1200
Contingency (10%) $400
Total $4000

With a monthly budget of $4,000, we will work with five influencers to promote the adoption of Decentraland across social media.

The budget includes $1200 for influencer management, where we will collaborate with the selected influencers to create content that highlights the benefits of Decentraland and encourage their followers to join the community.

We will allocate $400 for media and PR, where we will engage journalists and media outlets to cover the live events and increase the reach of the campaign.

A sum of $250 will be used to rent a venue for shooting the content marketing videos that showcase the features of Decentraland and how it can be used to solve problems unique to Africans.

We will allocate $250 for participant giveaways, which will include MANA tokens or virtual land ownership, to incentivize Africans to participate in the community and adopt Decentraland.

The budget also includes $300 for professional video editing services to create high-quality content marketing videos that resonate with the target audience in Africa.

A social media manager will be hired with a monthly budget of $1200 to ensure consistent engagement with the community and the influencers, manage social media accounts, and run social media giveaways to incentivize participation.

We will also allocate 10% of the total budget, which amounts to $400, for contingencies and unforeseen expenses.

In conclusion, with this budget, we will be able to execute the marketing strategies and achieve our objectives of creating awareness and encouraging adoption of Decentraland among Africans.


Our Team Comprises of Marketing & PR Managers, Pro Gamer, Popular Influencer & Blockchain Thoughtleaders.

The total following of the influencers is a combined 350K followers accross twitter & instagram!

Brian Shem - Web 3 Product Growth Manager - https://www.linkedin.com/in/brianshem/
Case studies - http://brandsauce.strikingly.com/

Alex Owiti - Pr Manager - https://ke.linkedin.com/in/alex-owiti-71430b15

Queen Arrow - Forbes 30/30 Pro Gamer - Forbes Africa 30 Under 30: Kenyan Esports Athlete, Queen Arrow Honored In Class of 2022 - The AfroGamer

Benjamin Arunda - Blockchain Thought Leader - https://www.linkedin.com/in/benjamin-arunda-blockchainexpert/

Sharon Jebitok - Blockchain Developer https://twitter.com/SharonJebitok

Ramzzy - Creative Artist Influencer https://twitter.com/RamzZy\_

Brian Mbunde - Top Kenyan Influencer https://twitter.com/Brianmbunde

Roadmap and milestones

The roadmap to promote Decentraland among Africans includes three phases.

Phase 1 involves identifying and onboarding five social media influencers, conducting media and PR outreach, renting a video shooting venue, and launching social media giveaways.

Phase 2 includes continuing influencer collaborations, launching a live event, and hiring a social media manager.

Phase 3 involves analyzing the impact, optimizing marketing strategies, and sharing progress reports with the community.

To share the progress made, we will provide regular updates through social media platforms, blog posts, and newsletters. We will also share metrics such as community engagement rates, the number of new community members, and the impact of our project on the adoption of Decentraland among Africans. Regular communication of progress will help prevent the removal of funding for long-term projects funded by vesting contracts.

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Hi, thanks for proposal.

Have several questions:

  1. What already you did for Decentraland ?
  2. Did you hold any events ?
  3. Created wearables, content ?
  4. How much times you voted in DAO ?
  5. Registered on Forum ?
  6. Minted DCL name ?

Hello, I have read your proposal and perhaps it would help to have a more specific focus.

First you mention an interactive experience, then you mention an educational component that distributes mana to participants… and then you describe combining the three for a “comprehensive educational experience” but in the end, over half the monthly budget is going to pay a social media manager and influencers to create a “marketing strategy to promote Decentraland adoption in Africa”

You also mentioned creating videos in different languages, live events, virtual tours, demos and expert talks, but none of these are highlighted in your budget and there are no details on how this will be carried out.

Has your team hosted any events in Decentraland before? Have you created any content related to our world? Thank you.