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Should the following Tier 1: up to $1,500 USD in MANA, one-time payment grant in the Community category be approved?


This is a low-cost high- return marketing Decentraland through radio programmes,workshops and internet;making people know, join and participate in it by investing,learning and contributing their creativity and innovations and getting involved in all activities within. Also be able to educate the masses about Non Fungible Tokens(NFTs) and how they can “tokenise” land and other valuables such as artworks,videos,games and other forms of innovations and creative thinking. I have been doing this kind of work for six years so I have the potential to create content for radio programme and workshops which will also be relayed on internet through channels such as u-tube,emails and social media such as facebook,twitter,telegram etc.

Grant size

1,400 USD

Beneficiary address


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My project should receive funding because it is a low cost but high return investment and enables more people not only in Africa but also other parts of the world to know about the existence of Decentraland and become members of this community.Growing, educating, moderating, and maintaining a healthy community of players, creators, and developers is important to Decentraland’s success.So the radio programmes on the Local FM Radio in the names of Freedom Radio 94.7FM in Kabale Municipality South Western Uganda and through seminars carried out in Kirigime Guest House,Kabale Town Uganda and then relayed through internet channels such as u-tube,websites,emails,bloogs and social media will enable; Community education,Outreach and event organization and Moderation at the same time. The project shall also include creating documentation, tutorials, videos, or other forms of content intended to educate and support the community.Through this community project,content creators,platform contributors and those involved in gaming will brought onboard to Decentraland.It will enable people globally share their talents, creativity and innovations and improve on their economic status and knowledge as well as social empowerment. These activities of the project will increase the membership of Decentral and hugely as the radio programmes and seminars will be recorded and channeled through internet channels that increase publicity and interest in joining and use of Decentraland.The activities of the project will also be produced in at least two more popular languages of the world in addition to English.This will solve the problem of Decentraland not being known in some parts of the world and this being done at a comparatively low cost.Also for purposes of transparency and accountability receipts,photos,video clips and documents of the activitiues will be submited


The project will be done and completed through two radio programmes preceded by radio announcements and two workshops all of which will be video recorded and whose recording will be channeled though internet; u-tube and any other application allowing for such and links to it shared though social media,emails,websites, blogs etc so as to publicist Decentraland more.I together with other 2 skilled people in presentation of radio programmes will voluntarily be the guest presenters of the radio programmes about Decentraland and related content.We shall produce related content for the radio programmes as well as for the seminars in form of printed and recorded materials.Also these will be reproduced and converted to at least two more globally popular languages in addition to English to improve the marketing outcome.During workshops teaching aids such as projectors and printed as well as recorded materials will be used.We shall pay for being hosted on the local FM radio 2 times as well as carrying out 2 seminars in a rented conference hall of a hotel where the participants will be financially facilitating for meals, accommodation and transport themselves.Each radio programmes has a listenership of 8 million people while the seminars each will accommodate 50 participants. Below are some of the links to my previous works:
Link to the radio announcement clip.

Video clip of the first part of the Radio Programme.

Video clip of the middle part of the Radio Programme.

Video clip of the last part of the Radio Programme.

Video Clip 1 Video Clip 1 - YouTube
Video Clip 2 Video Clip 2 - YouTube
Video Clip 3 Video Clip 3 - YouTube
Video Clip 4 Video Clip 4 - YouTube
The two 2 -Hours radio programmes with the related announcements and materials to use will each cost US Dollars 300 thus totaling to US Dollars 600. The 2 whole day seminars about Decentraland will include renting of the conference hall,teaching aids,public communication system and printed and recorded materials to use at a total cost of US Dollars 400 per day = USD 800 Thus USD600+USD 800 = USD 1400


We have a registered Non Profit Organisation in the names of Mparo People’s Project-Uganda where I am the projects manager.The Executive members of this Organisation with their skills including other skilled volunteers in the field of radio programmes production and seminars management will support me in executing the project. We are on the links below:
Send a Seed Project – Ubuntu Economic Commons Send a Seed – Ubuntu Economic Commons

Roadmap and milestones

The road map of our project shall include; planning and creating content to help in educating the radio programme listeners know and understand Decentraland and Decentralised Autonomous Organisations(DAO) how and where to join.The same will be done during the physical workshops.We shall make a progress chart as to indicate and record the success of the milestones especially that of enabling the community know about Decentraland and join it.We shall once funded and the project takes place keep updating the community through phone messages and monthly meetings and update the Decentraland community through updates through some of its channels that enable such.Once the funding has been provided we shall also through the same radio programmes and seminars call for further sponsorships from community members as well as radio and conference owners to help in continued sponsorship of the radio programmes and workshops as well as business community that may be interested in continued sponsorship of the project.

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Thank you all so far for having voted YES.As I share it with many I realize many getting to know about Decentraland,which is in itself marketing it before my real marketing begins when the Proposal goes through.
So Vote YES if you have not yet done so and share it with others and tell them to vote YES too.

Hey @Tukwasiibwe, I’m not sure if you are the wallet associated with the proposal, but I wanted to share my thoughts.

I love the idea of a radio programme that can help spread the word of web3 and Decentraland, but I’m afraid that while the content you share shows the radio format production wise for which you might do your program — the subject matter shown does not show me enough about your experience in web3 and Decentraland to know if you will have the best information and content to share.

If you did some shows on the topic, maybe even spoke with people around the world in web3 and Decentraland about the subject matter, I would feel more confident about your abilities/knowledge.

I do believe in the value of this type of content, so if you could create a more thoughtful proposal, that addresses my concerns, then maybe in a future proposal I would consider voting yes.

Thank you for reaching out and your comments and suggestions.
I have basic knowledge on web3 and Decentraland.With such a programme where the majority of listeners will be new comers to such,I thought to put it simple;not only to attract those who are knowledgeable about the two(who are in minority) but mainly to bring onboard those who have no knowledge of it(who are in the majority)
This is the second time I a giving it a try so I don’t think I will submit it again.
You can contact me through my email weijagyejustus@gmail.com and or whatsapp +256702325781
Best regards,
Justus Weijagye