Creation of Broadcast "air channels"

Proposal: Allowing thing to do stuff

Creation of “radio” broadcast channels - 255 channels for sale to individuals or organizations for the purpose of creating “radio” style content stations. These stations would be able to broadcast throughout Decentraland - whether it be on personal “walkman” type devices or through radio devices that land owners can deploy on their properties. This application would be easy to construct and implement and would have far reaching economic and social benefit for Decentraland.

I am proposing this idea just to get it out there - I am a VERY busy entrepreneur, yet if this were to get some traction I would help expand on this idea.

Any thoughts or feedback?


I personally think this is a very interesting idea! One item I would like add for consideration as we discuss this idea, is how it might be possible to structure these “radio” channels, what are effectively frequencies, so that they are a “public” asset, such that the profits benefit the broader DCL community and citizen-base, rather than a select few. I think it is important as we move from early adoption to mainstream adaptations in DCL, that we find a balance between privatization and DAO-opperated assets/resources.

This wonderful idea here has already got me thinking about a new set of “Public” assets we can develop in DCL to help fund community-initiatives and more! I’m going to put together a separate post that links back to this one and discusses this idea further.