Collection 'zMS Mecha Units' created by zCayel#827e is ready for review!

i think i got it right now haha thanks!

edited:: hey i ran out of replies, kind please check it again i updated a new one, thank you!!

all good with model now, one last issue that left is weight painting adjustment

some of vertices moves weird

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Hi this is zCayel… i ran out of replies… i updated a new one, please kindly check! thank youuu!

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collection approved!

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The collection has been assigned to theankou

Hey! Thumbnail should have transparent background and have 1024x1024 size, can you fix it please? Otherwise i’ll disable collection :pensive:

Hi can i make slight changes of color, eyes cyan, mahawk into white, and il remove the Zs and fix the neck part and yes an updated representaion? thank you!

i think yes, but i will disable collection for that time to prevent people buying wearable with outdated model

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i can’t disable collection because thumbnail have wrong size, not transparent and size is not 1024x1024, i’m getting error, can you push changes asap? thank you

i turn the sale button off for the mean time! thx!

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