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MS zGenesis Head Unit


Hi! I will check collection now!

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Looks dope bro!

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The collection has been assigned to theankou

add this categories to hiding list:

  • tiara
  • earring
  • mask
  • head
  • hat
  • facial hair
  • hair
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done theankou, thank you!

You will need to connect helmet neck with standard body neck, there is a hole between your head and other wearables

hi where should i send the updated file?

hi should a included the body neck in the file?

you can simply reupload model in current collection, no need to publish new one, just hit on a pen on right side near wearable icon in builder window with character preview, or you can try to click on three dots in collection window and update model here

yes you can simply include body neck

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done uploading new represntation with upper body neck attach to the head , thanks!

can you move helmet neck a bit forward from standard neck? right now they overlaps

Hi i have replaced it with the body… but i dont see anything in my builder preivew, its with the merged body, does it works now?

well, something is wrong with model now, you just needed to move some helmet neck vertices forward from neck :sweat_smile:

this is what i see now

Hi its now with the upper body, can you please check?

soo this what looks like with the upper body is it okay?

why you added the whole upper body? i was just asking to move a bit neck part :sweat_smile:

oh lol im a total noob

you will need to remove upper body lol
the neck that you adjusted on helmet right now should work fine with other wearables without upper body x)

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