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Zcash Hoodie

  • Description: Privacy almost always requires a comfy hoodie.
  • Rarity: epic
  • Category: upper_body

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Thanks for your submission and congratulations on making a wearable, please find some feedback below:

  • Use of Zcash logo: This graphic is patented and according to the Zcash trademark policy is not available for commercial use. Please provide written consent by Zcash to proceed with this design. (source: Zcash Trademark Policy – The Zcash Foundation)

You may use the Word Marks and the Logos in themes, personas, or skins for applications to show your support for Zcash, provided that the use is non-commercial and the use is clearly decorative, as contrasted with a use that appears to be the branding for a website or application.

  • Thumbnail: Thumbnails should have a transparent background to work correctly in Decentraland.

Please review these issues and then resubmit (publish) the item so it can be approved.