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Yahoo Metaverse Jersey Capsule

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YahooSportsShirt No 8

YahooSportsShirt No 30

**YahooSportsShirt No 23 **

hi iwill review this now

The collection has been assigned to Sango

If you could start by sending proof of rights to us the yahoo IP to

some slight clipping on the waist on all versions male and female

Ive already submitted the permission from yahoo,please email me if theres any problem , thanks!

@Sango I’ve made some change to the collection,pushed. take a look when you free~
Thanks Sango~!

could you tell me what was changed?

Only swapped no8 and no23 rarety.
I made a misstake when uploading
No8 should be in Epic rareity and 23 should be much rare


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this update has been pushed