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Xalax Ethnic Collection

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Indian Ethnic wear by XALAX

The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Hey, just some clipping in the marked area and the neck area has to be weighted just to neck bone.

Hello @Yannakis, I’ve done the changes… Please have a look. Thanks

Both issues still there :confused: Please also update to both gender represenations.

@Yannakis I’ve tried every emote in test world, Please check now. Thankyou

Make sure the neck area is only affected by the neck bone. Remove any shoulder and spine weighting from the area. Also enable male

@Yannakis Have a look now.


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Hello @Yannakis … Please have a look at my wearable

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Hey, can u please enable both male and male representations??

Hello @Yannakis This is a only female wearable just like all my other wearables, There’s no male representations. If everything in the wearable is okay, Please approve my collection. Thanks

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Its a requirement for wearables to have both representations. You dont have to make a male representation if you dont want to. You can just upload the same glb and select both genders.

My cheetah set is only female wearable

and same with my midnight dress

There are many wearables with only female representation in marketplace by other creators

I hope you know that you can submit only female wearables without male wearables and still submit a wearable and get them approved ??

Im aware there are a couple that we may have missed but its always better to have both representations as most people dont check what representations are included. Please lmk once you update!

@Yannakis I suggest you go through docs, You’ll get to know that you can actually submit “ONE, or both body shapes”

Please approve my collection, Thankyou

That means you can assign different representations to each body shape or one for both which can be done in this situation since it will work without any issues. We’ve agreed with the curation team to approve wearables that have both representations to avoid confusion in marketplace. No attitude needed :blush:

@Yannakis This collection got approved 3d ago which was also only female collection. Have a look

@Yannakis This collection got approved 4d ago with only male representation. Check it out

I believe both should be included but its fine. Collection approved!