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World of Women X The Fabricant

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Adventurer Top

Cabaret Corset


Cherry Tee

Fantasy Shirt

Faux Fur Coat

Freedom Is Power Tee

Futuristc Dress

Gala Dress

NFT Goddesses Top

Little Red Dress


Painter’s Overalls

Polka Dot Top

Psychedelic Dress

Queen’s Dress

Red Leather Jacket

Striped Tee



Warrior Armour

White Tee

Witch Dress

70’s Shirt

Emerald Elven Cape

80’s Silk Shirt

Steampunk Octopus Top

The Fabricant Crypto Purse

TF Supernova Crypto Purse

The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Hey! For the skins there are some faces that have to be made double sided and i added a questionmark on the one that has a clipping issue. The bags dont appear in game so i think theres a weighting issue. Make sure to remove any weighting and reweight them. Make sure to also not apply any transforms after weighting which is usually the cause of this issue. Also the bags dont really fit the earring category so please add an earring to the design along with the bags and display them on at least 50% of the thumbnail.



Hi Yannakis,

Thank you for the feedback! I’ve re-uploaded all the wearables with the double-face issue, please let me know if those are good to go now!

For the purses, we’re working on it so I’m expecting an update by end of the week. Do you have any suggestion what category would fit best for a handbag? I read in the documentation that earring could be a fix, because I couldn’t find a bag accessory category.

Have a great day!

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Hey, make sure to tag me when you respond so I can see it. Yeah earring is a good workaround for bags but you have to also include an earring in the design and also display it on at least 50% of thumbnail

hi @Yannakis thanks for your patience!

I’ve re-uploaded the crypto purse models (both normal and supernova) with new weight painting and earrings added.

Please let me know if this works!

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Looks like theres a weighting issue with the purses and they are not visible in game. Removing any weighting and reweighting it should solve the issue. The weighting on the hanging jacket has to change so that the character is responsive to animations and not have static arms and i believe the normals on one of the hair buns are flipped.

Hi @Yannakis , I’ve re-uploaded the crypto purses:

  • re skinned them from scratch
  • weight paints are 100% on hand (for the purse) and head (for the earrings), and 0 on the other bones.

Checking in builder they show up and behave as expected

If this doesn’t work, do you have any more in-depth tips to have this working?


The purses are still not visible in game. You can test it by clicking the 3 dots on the collection and then “See in world”

@Yannakis sorry this might have been a mistake on my side - in the editor I didn’t choose the option to “replace - earrings”! Could it be?

Also, when I go to “see in world” it asks me to switch network and then when it loads I can’t seem to find the option to preview my collection. So sorry I might be doing something wrong there

You should be able to see them in the backpack under collectibles. No need to replace earrings

omg they now show up, thank you so much for your patience @Yannakis !

I re-downloaded the DCL template for earrings, re-skinned to that and it seems to work :slight_smile:

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Hey, i believe the changes havent been pushed. Can you make sure you saved/pushed changes and let me know?

@Yannakis I’ve reuploaded all the changes, and can see them in world too.

For the hanging jacket comment you had above: this was by design that the character would have static hands. The jacket has to drape like that so rigging the hands would stretch it in unwanted ways.

Please let me know if you can see the changes now and if we can approve the collection soon.

The purses work good now. Still some flipped normals on the hair in the picture and also cant approve the design with static arms. Please change it so that the arms move


@Yannakis Hi, I’ve updated both models.

The flipped normals are fixed and the other has been re-modelled so that it can move the arms normally.

Please let me know if you can approve the collection asap, the events for these wearables start today!

Everything looks great. Just a small gap on the hair bun here:

@Yannakis updated!


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Just one thing before i can approve. Can you please replace the thumbnails for the bags so that the bag and earrings are visible with the earrings taking up at least 50% of the thumbnail

@Yannakis is this ok?