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WonderZone Season 4 Wearables

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WZ Buck Teeth

WZ NightStalker Guardian Legs

WZ Norwegian Forest Troll

WZ Asiatic Hairstyle

WZ Mandarin Gown

WZ Puppet Head

WZ Puppet Torso

WZ Puppet Legs

WZ Wizard Boots

hey i will review this now

The collection has been assigned to Sango

Hey! heres a few adjustments to make-

  • The guardian legs needs a female version for the model, the waist on the male also needs adjusting

  • The gown needs lowerbody to be in the hides list and not the replaces list

  • On the puppet head, please remove all from replaces list and add head, hair, facial hair, tiara, eyewear, hat, mask, earrings to the Hides list

  • On the puppet legs, please remove feet from the replaces list and add it to the hides list

  • Could you reduce the tri count on the puppet torso?

  • On the forest troll please add Eyewear, tiara, hat, mask to the hides list

  • Lastly, all logos and text need to be removed from the Thumbnail, there will soon be an update to add logos ontop of the thumbnails in the marketplace to keep the marketplace a lot more clean

Hey @Sango

thanks for the feedback,

  1. The nightstalker guardian legs is a part of full outfit, and i have done a lot of testing with the full outfit and it looks good on both male and female. its not intended to be used as a stand-alone wearable. Our users will be aware of this.

  2. the reason we use “replace” instead of hide, is because we add bonuses to each item. We want to unequip items so that you cant stack bonuses with a lot of invisible wearables. That said, i believe we can make changes to the bonuses of the new items, so changed it from “replaced” to “hide” now

  3. with the puppet torso, i added “earring” and “tiara” to hide, to increase the allowed triangle limit

  4. I added “tiara” and “mask” to the hides list, but some hats and eyewear should work well on this model, and we believe it should be up to the users to customize and choose what fits or works.

  5. regarding the logos, we have used the same template for all previous seasons, and it would be a shame to remove the seasonal branding/text from the thumbnails. I think it makes more sense to remove the branding for our next season WHEN this update is released and can be added on top of the thumbnails.



  • if its to be a whole outfit it should be submitted as a skin otherwise it will need to work as a lowerbody piece on its own and comply with all the rules lowerbody models should

  • replace doesnt actually remove the items and causes clipping, this is why hide should be used and not replace

  • for the troll all eyewear clipps and the head shape is different and it also contains hair which cannot be hidden so there will be clipping issues on the hats also so please adjust as requested

  • Logos need to be removed, let me know when its all done and ill check over again

all texts or just the logo/branding? we would like to keep the seasonal branding if possible @Sango


everything that’s not the wearable needs to be removed

hello @Sango

I have made all of the changes you requested now


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the waist has been adjusted and works with most upper bodies, but the baggy pullover that you selected clips with some default lower bodies too. i would have to remove the belt completely for this to have no clipping with no lower bodies

added more to the hide list for the head, although imo its better if this is left open for users to decide…



here is the same sweater with a default skirt, still some clipping here. cant really expect it to work well with all default wearables, it works alright with most



…and theres more that clip with it too, so it will need addressing


@Sango alright, i had to remove the belt on the female version then

should be all done now

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This collection has been approved

Hey @Sango

the description for the mythic wizard boots was wrong, but I updated it now
sorry for the inconvenience