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WonderZone Season 3 Wearables

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WZ Kurai Ronin Hat

WZ Kurai Ronin Legs

WZ Kurai Ronin Torso

WZ S3 Cosmic Sneakers

WZ Night Stalker Guardian Torso

WZ Wizard Tunic

WZ Braided Viking Beard

WZ Arctic Miner Hat

WZ Arctic Miner Torso

WZ Arctic Miner Legs

I will check collection now

The collection has been assigned to theankou

collection is approved, but listed things needs to be fixed:

ronin hat: add this categories to hiding list:

  • mask
  • eyewear

ronin torso:

  • reduce triangle count to 1500 or less

ronin legs:

  • reduce triangle count to 1500 or less

cosmic sneakers:

  • reduce triangle count to 1500 or less

night stalker torso:

  • reduce triangle count to 1500 or less


  • reduce triangle count to 1500 or less

arctic miner torso:

  • reduce triangle count to 1500 or less

arctic miner legs:
foot area should be weight painted to foot and toe bone with smooth transition between bones

let me know when you will push changes, otherwise i will disable collection, thank you!

Thank you for the feedback, We are working on it now :+1:

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Hey @theankou !

We have gone through the wearables and reduced where it was possible.

I also made the changes to the hiding list as you requested.

Previously we have been approved at around 2k triangles, which has been the unofficial limit the past few years.

Regarding the skinning of the boots; this was a conscious design decision by @Malloy as the big boots are supposed to be stiff and sturdy.

Thanks again for the help!

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hm… unnofficial limit…, docs strictly say that limitation is 1500 triangles. I think it’s possible to reduce triangles on your wearables to 1500-1600, for example → you can remove some loops on hands, that will reduce around 300 triangles, or you can add some other categories to hiding list, that way your triangles limitation will be increased.

Also, i strongly believe that beard triangles count can be reduced to 1500 or less (or add something to hiding list), because 2000 triangles for facial_hair category is too much.

What about legs, sorry @Malloy, but if you will keep it like it is right now, they will overlap with floor on some of emotions, and probably on run / walk animation and this is not ok :thinking:

Hi again,

We will make an attempt to reduce the triangle count on the viking beard.

The ronin torso and night stalker guardian torso will be impossible to reduce to 1500 without heavily comprimising on the design and skinning, so i have hid three categories to increase the triangle count limit as you suggested. I hid “earrings, top head and tiara” on both.

Will get back later with an update on the beard,

We spoke with Malloy, and ronin and stalker torso is good to go with 1700 triangle count, so you don’t need to hide anything here

Btw you don’t need to hide that much categories, each hidden category gives you +500 triangles (if thats accessories category (top head, tiara, earring, etc)) and +1500 triangles (if thats wearable category (feet, upper body, hair, etc))


Hey again @theankou

We have made the changes you requested.

Hope everything is alright now


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collection re-approved!

thank you @theankou

have a nice day!

Hey @theankou

I added a female version of the nightstalker torso, which was missing. Hope this can be approved soon and sorry for the inconvenience!

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Hey @Lew! collection re-approved!