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WonderZone Dragon Rider

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Dragon Rider Head

Dragon Rider Helmet

** Dragon Rider Boots**

Dragon Rider Pants

Dragon Rider Jacket


Awesome collection! Thanks for your submission.

Screenshot 2021-07-12 135357
Screenshot 2021-07-12 135416

Please optimize your models to get closer to the triangle count limit

Screenshot 2021-07-12 140137

Also there’s some clipping between the the Rider Jacket and the hands.

Thank you,

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Thanks for your feedback!

I reuploaded new lower-poly versions of the Jacket (male and female) and Dragon Head models.

I moved the sides of the jacket much closer to the hips as well.

Let me know if it’s good to go. Thanks again!


Great work!, Your collection its approved.

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Hi! I can’t find my Collection in the vending machine. How long does it take for it to appear? Thanks.

Hello @vrglitch ,
I would like to upload a .glb that has a fix for the female dragon boots model. How can I go about that? Thanks!

Hey @Maricela , we will need to reject your collection for you to update, then approve again.
Now you should be able to update the model.
Let me know when you are ready for revision a approval.

Thank you!

Hello @vrglitch!
I uploaded the updated the new model for the Female Dragon Rider boots.
Thank you so much.

@Maricela It seems you have submitted the item just for female representation, do you want to enable it for male also?

Yes, the male representation should be enabled. The male representation could stay as it was. Only the female boots needed updating.

@vrglitch How do I make sure the male boots are enabled? I uploaded them again when I uploaded the new female boots.

You can include the other representation by going to your collection, then click on the item row.
Then click on the three dots menu to add the other representation.

Once you are done with both models, you can check if it appears in both, female and male

Its also recommended to check your items in world .}

Have a great day!

Thank you for your help @vrglitch . The male boots are now there.

Great!! Boots are working fine.
Female upper body seems to have issues with other wearables. Looks like its because it has very small waist. Do you want to fix it?

Hello VRglitch! I fixed the female jacket. It is no longer intersecting the pants. Thanks once again. Let me know when it is up again. Cheers.

Great work! Your collection has been approved. Have a great day, Thank you!

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