Collection 'Wonderpunk' created by Joe is ready for review!


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WZ SugarPunk Vest

WZ CamoPunk Vest

WZ Punk Joggers

WZ CoalPunk Vest

WZ Punk hairstyle

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Will review this collection now!

Collection approved!

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Did you put any effort into actually QAing these?
I don’t know if I own an item that doesn’t clip with these pants.

Hm thank you for pointing out will recheck in a bit :thinking:
All items are reviewed maybe I was using wearables that were thin enough to sit under the pants and not clip with them.

Thank you. Sorry for being snarky about it. I was just hyped on the pants. :slightly_smiling_face:

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@joe Looks like the pants aren’t compatible with some wearables. Please adjust to male and female height

should I give up on these pants ever not clipping?

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Nope, will make sure they wont