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Wonder Aura

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Wonder Aura

The collection has been assigned to michitodd

This aura created by extra is for people who attended the WonderMine photoshoot held on September,10th, 2022. @Radix and the @Wonderzone have given the approval to deploy it.

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Hey love this,
(soz ignore my asking if it’s part of Wonderzone, just saw your messge)
Also just make sure top head category is under 500 tri count, let me know when it’s updated and I’ll re-review~

Updated good ser. Thanks :+1:


This is approved~
Thank you! Let me know if you need further support~

Yes, we (WonderZone) are all good with this, since Extra’s doing it as a gift to the Wondermine player community!

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Super cool and excited to see it in game, thanks @RDixon :v: