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Willyrex - Primera Colección

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Sleepy Shoes


Cartoon Helmet Willyrex

**Cap Willyrex **

Hey, gonna review this one.

  1. A little bit too many polygons were deleted on the hairstyle attached to the cap, hence the holes on the screenshots. True for both representations.

  2. Consider adding some kind of neck to the helmet - as of now, there is a hole between head and body.

Otherwise it’s good to go.


hello @AndreusAs the changes have been done the cap has the vertex corrected, talked with the artist baoubt the helmet and it has to remain as it is let me know if you need anything else


Add “Hair” to the hides category, there is an overlap right now:

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hello @AndreusAs we have changed that, let me know if we need to change anything please :crossed_fingers:

Hey, collection approved!