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Wilderness - Gen 4 Wearables

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Gen 4 Magician’s Crown

Gen 4 Magician’s Robe

Hey! I will check this collection once it will be ready!

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The collection has been assigned to theankou

This collection is ready now. Please proceed with the review.

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That robe is to die for! Great work!

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Hey! I will check collection today!

Hey @champ ! There is a on overlap with legs on back when you running, can you fix it please? (M and F)

Thanks for noticing that @theankou .
I have updated the wearable now and this should be fixed.

as i see issue still here, can you reupload please?

Hey @theankou
Sorry for the late response here. The female model had some issue probably coz of the new walk cycle.

I have now uploaded a new version and it seems to work well for both the body shapes.

Please have a look again and approve the collection.


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collection re-approved!

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