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Wilderness Clan Masters V1

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Clan Master’s Robe [Lvl 1]


Hello checking this now

All good! Please remove upper body from replace and we are good to go :slight_smile:

Hey @fabeeobreen ,

Thanks for the quick review.
I am removing upper body from replace. Can you please confirm what exactly the replace is supposed to do? I have always included it to make sure users cant wear 2 upper-body items together.
Also, Do I need to include upper-body in hides in that case?

Hello! Your item replace by default the existing slot.
It is not possible to wear multiple upper body for instance :slight_smile:
Neither you need to hide it for the same reason

got it, thanks for clarifying. I have removed upper body from replaces, you may please proceed to approve it.

Thank you once again :slight_smile:

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@champ collection approved :slight_smile: