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Wide Awakes Founders

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Wide Awakes Founders Cape

hi i will reveiw this now

can you fit the clipping on the back? most prominent on the female version, male version only has minor clipping here

The collection has been assigned to Sango

What??? Didn’t even have an account so there was no way for me to even know there was a problem. This project is over a month late. If I get you an update can we rush this? I don’t even know if I can get this artist back!!!

Robe 11 rev 11 rev (445.0 KB)

you need to reupload it in the builder

click the white pencil icon on the right hand side when in the edit page

Ok! Will this get cleared quickly?

It is updated! So should be ready!

seems you uploaded the base avatar and not your designs

When I loaded it it shows as correct in the editor:

Its this file:
Robe 11 rev 11 rev (445.0 KB)

can you reupload the file to the builder?

Ive done that several times now (loaded the new file). The file should be fine, it appears good in the builder tests.

I just loaded again 2 min ago. Can you check?

This collection has been approved