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@Yannakis So, can we apply a design by adding a head on a model similar to the design in the “8MetalBalls Guy” example?

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Yeah that could work as long as the arms and legs dont clip with the wearable

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@Yannakis Thank you very much for your quick responses. tonight we will work on two possible alternatives and upload them, what time will you be online tomorrow?

@Yannakis @michi Hello again, we have worked out 3 alternative layouts in our mind, you can see it in onion, pickle and tomato objects. We will add the body part of the design we made for the tomato object later. I request you to share the acceptable ones among these 3 designs with us.

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Hey, the only one that could be accepted as they are now is the onion

@Yannakis Isn’t it possible for us to temporarily use other clothes other than onions during the event?

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You can change the other wearables to how the onion is set now above head and i can approve!

@HPrivakos @Nacho @frami @esteban @nearnshaw @Agus @sam Greetings to you all. We started this process by publishing 1 product to get an idea about how we can do this for an event that we want to do 11 days ago, where we will dress people in hamburger costumes and take their photos.

michi approved the designs we sent at the beginning of the process and we made the models suitable for this. When we uploaded the remaining 5 parts of the models, yannakis was appointed as the representative and said that this could not happen to us, and we gave a negative response to all our acceptable approaches.

In the last case yannkis brought the project, the client does not accept the job and I have to pay $50,000 compensation, it becomes a serious problem.

It also makes me think that the interesting skins in the market belong to the Yannakis company.

by the way i also think i have been subjected to racism or bad faith please help me

i like your response because it’s full of non-sense stuff

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I dont own any skins and your message doesnt make much sense. Im asking to you change the designs to a wearable because a huge Onion or Tomato are not wearables. As far as i know michi is also waiting for an update and no wearables have been approved as they are now.

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@Yannakis as you said, my client does not accept I had to pay $50K in compensation for @michi’s misdirection and yours doing nothing about it. Now you can take the collection and shove it up your ass.

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Hey @burger ,
Claiming the committee is being racist is a very serious accusation. If you could provide reference I will put this matter forward.

Your initial design of this

To me does not equate to this

Which sounds like it is what was agreed upon between you and your client. Whatever the terms of your agreement is between you and your client the process of approval is the wearable needs to be reviewed and meet a certain standard before approved which can be mean requests to meet platform requirements.

In future you should be making deals and arrangements specifying design may vary in game at the time of delivery to give yourself more room when submitting to a process you’re unfamiliar with.

Please let me know any further details around discrimination or harassment and I’ll forward it to the correct parties.

Thank you~

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