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Which Witch is Which by Canessa

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Which Witch is Which by Canessa

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Hello @Canessa !
The root bone should stay within the inner circle, can you please update emote to not go outside the red guide with the root bone?

Sure thing! This is my first time creating something outside of the red cylinder and didn’t realize the limitations. Thank you!

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Hi again @fabeeobreen :slight_smile: Can you give any more clarification as to what the root bones are that need to stay within the cylinder? And is there a clear way to see it on Blender? Thank you!

Sure! @Canessa
Root bone is “master” bone of the character: the bone that if moved constraints all of the other bones to move. You can find in the blender rig scene “CTRL_Avatar_Root” which is the control for the root bone.

You want to avoid the character going full body outiside the red guide.
You can activate and visualize the guide within the editor by clicking on the bottom right side corner (see image)
As for blender you can add a cilinder in the middle of your scene: generally the space is slightly larger than “CTRL_Avatar_Root” control.
Best practice at the moment is to check with the editor.

@fabeeobreen is there a height limitation? I’m assuming it can’t go out of the box? Thanks!

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Hi again @fabeeobreen

I made a new emote and this one should keep everything in the red cylinder, as much as I can see. It’s ready to be checked for approval! Thank you!

Hello @Canessa !
Collection approved!