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Whale Alert :whale:

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Crypto Whale

The One Whale

Diamond Whale

Cash Whale

The One Whale Pet

Diamond Whale Pet

Crypto Whale Pet

Cash Whale Pet

hello checking this now

Hi this collection doesn’t need to be approved yet.

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The collection has been assigned to fabeeobreen

Hey Fabeebreen i still need to fix some things.

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Sure thing! let me know here when you are ready :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the quick responce

Hi Fabeebreen, I don’t want to get these approved yet if it doesn’t need any changes, but can you look at the wearables and let me know if it needs any changes?

Hello @AlliesGame
Static object can’t be used as skin, you should follow the base armature and create a biped shape.
Earring max tris count is 500 and it should be attached to the avatar ear or anyway contain an earring geometry to justify category.

when you mean static is that saying the whales not being able to move? Because when you wear the skin you I was able to make the fin move when doing emotes. also when walking around the fins move.

I mean a non biped characters, skin should follow the avatar skeleton

so basically it needs arms and legs?

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